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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Why aren’t we talking about gum disease more?

Living with gum disease is not easy. Its prevalance remains high and it can affect patients’ overall health, leading to poor self-esteem, mastication and, eventually, even tooth loss.
Peri-implantitis is also an emerging public health issue, with a high burden placed not only on the health consequences of an individual, but on social and economic factors too. And yet despite all this, gum disease is relatively simple to treat – especially if it is caught before it causes much damage to a person’s overall health.
‘Periodontitis affects 50% of the population and I think our role in promoting these diseases is to show that, in the main, they are preventable and they affect our wellbeing and overall health,’ she states.
‘I think campaigns, education and videos likeThe Sound of Periodontitis are going to help change attitudes.’.................
Speaking to Professor Iain Chapple, outgoing president of the BSP, after his presentation for his workshop group, he admits that he is often dismayed at the lack of information surrounding periodontal diseases for the public, adding: ‘The sad thing is, it’s not actually that difficult to treat. It’s not that expensive and it has a positive impact on other conditions too, such as mental health. But it’s patients who have to make that decision to change and some find it very hard.’


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