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UK Against Fluoridation

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

United Kingdom Alliance Opposed to Water Fluoridation http://ukaowf.blogspot.co.uk/

United Kingdom Alliance Opposed to Water Fluoridation

9th February 2016 - updated

Whilst working on a presentation to Bedford Borough Council's Overview and Scrutiny Committee, it became quite interesting because the information given out by 'authorities' on the safe dose of fluoride for infants was seen to be contradictory. Paradoxically, it's ordained that it's quite safe for an infant weighing 3.7 kg to drink 0.54mg F/day (0.17mg F per kilo body weight per day) whilst the older baby ought to ingest less fluoride because their developing permanent teeth could be damaged by fluoride (Moderate Dental Fluorosis), and this explains why the approved dosage of fluoride has been established at 0.05mg fluoride/kg body weight/day for babies aged 6 months and over. We are talking about tiny amounts here but the difference is quite large, especially when you calculate the number of atoms in 0.17 mg and 0.05 mg. Thus it's officially deemed to be OK for the infant to receive 3 times more fluoride than the older baby!

Does this make sense? The experts are saying that it's alright for tiny babies to ingest and absorb more fluoride per kilo body weight than older babies because tiny babies have not started to develop permanent teeth enamel in their gums! At 6 months, the consumption of fluoridated baby formula ought to reduce as the child is weaned. However, the older baby is still given fluoride but in a different form - commercial de-boned purees and fluoridated toothpaste. Fluoride in toothpaste is absorbed via the lining of the mouth - it doesn't have to be swallowed for it to get into the bloodstream. So, the older baby is going to be overdosing on fluoride even though it should be restricted to 0.05 fluoride per kilo body weight per day in order to prevent Moderate Dental Fluorosis. Of great concern is the failure of the NHS to publish information on this Safe Reference Dose of 0.05mg fluoride/kg body weight/day for the older baby.

The Safe Reference Dose of 0.05 mg Fluoride/kg body weight/day was established by the UK's Committee on Toxicology so that it would protect the older baby which is developing its permanent teeth under the gum and underneath the deciduous teeth from getting Moderate Dental Fluorosis. But, according to Schour, some of the permanent teeth start to calcify at birth - just at the time when the infant is receiving more than 0.05mg fluoride/kg body weight/day.

Expectant mums are warned not to drink alcohol and they should avoid certain foods when pregnant. They are not warned to avoid fluoride. NHS Choices has advised that they avoid bottled water because it may contain highish levels of sodium but there is no mention of avoiding bottled water because of the possible presence of BPa and phthalates. There is a complete lack of sound information coming from the NHS regarding toxins which the pregnant mum should not be exposed to and fluoride is one of those toxins. (Regarding sodium, a survey of UK bottled water by West Midlands Against Fluoridation -WMAF - showed that there is more sodium in tap water than in UK bottled water.)

For the sake of our children, it's time to stop this foolish practice which has been going on for long enough.

Joy Warren


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