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UK Against Fluoridation

Saturday, February 06, 2016

The Girl Against Fluoride

Update on positions of Political Parties in Ireland who continue to support Fluoridation.
FINE GAEL as indicated by outgoing Minister for Health, Mr Leo Varadkar TD, have no problem with continued fluoridation. Information was recently brought to the Minister's attention regarding primary dentition fluorosis which appears to be inflicted upon the developing fetus as a result of the maternal fluoride intake crossing the placenta. Minister Varadkar acknowledged this side effect occurs in utero but this damage was acceptable as "children tend to start loosing their deciduous teeth from the age of six". The Minister was also informed that this damage violates and infringes upon the rights of the unborn and individuals to bodily integrity with specific reference to Articles 40.3.1 and 40.3.3 of the Constitution. Unfortunately, this serious situation appears to have warranted no concern from the DoH. As a result, assistance was then sought from An Taoiseach, Mr Enda Kenny TD, but instead of doing the correct and right thing, he chose to pass the buck. Fine Gael on this issue seem to be great guardians of the Constitution!
LABOUR support fluoridation and have not returned or engaged in any discussions regarding communications sent to both the Executive and the Legislature. It appears Labour are more concerned about their imminent annihilation rather then a national emergency regarding the health and safety of the unborn and newborns throughout the State which according to a 2005 Department of Health supported study conducted throughout Cork City and County, 32% of those infants reared in fluoridated areas suffer from primary dentition fluorosis which is a fluoridation induced birth defect.
FIANNA FAIL as indicated by spokesperson for health, Mr Billy Kelleher TD, continue to support the State's outdated fluoridation legislation despite having received the same information above.


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