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Monday, February 01, 2016

NZ - Dentist group supports Council’s Fluoride decision

Dentist group supports Council’s Fluoride decision

Dentist group supports Council’s Fluoride decision
Recent comments made by Te Te Ora advisor, Dr. Neil De Wet,http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/regional/295316/disappointment-over-whakatane-fluoride-decisionwarning of dire consequences following Whakatane’s dumping of water fluoridation are unsupported by current science and are alarmist, according to FIND, a group of dentists who have been independently reviewing the science of fluoridation.
“Dr de Wet refers to the 2009 NZ Oral Health Survey, a document which itself stresses that it’s not a reliable scientific study on the effects of water fluoridation on tooth decay”, says a spokesman for the group, Dr. Stan Litras. “A snapshot in time survey is not a scientific study. It is unacceptable to base important policy making decisions on this rather than the more robust scientific evidence which is available”.
Reliable metadata studies over the last 15 years (the most recent being the gold standard Cochrane Review, 2015) all find there is no support for claims that cessation of water fluoridation programs lead to increased tooth decay, and this has been borne out in other New Zealand communities where fluoridation programs have been canned, such as New Plymouth and Ashburton, as well as overseas.
Dr. Litras predicts that the ending of water fluoridation in Whakatane will have no noticeable effect on tooth decay in children, but will probably have positive spin offs to the general health of the entire community.
“There is a compelling body of research now indicating that too much fluoride plays a role in neurological and endocrine diseases, and Maori would appear to be especially at risk. I would expect Dr. De Wet will be pleasantly surprised at this community’s health after five years without artificial water fluoridation, and perhaps he may even advocate for its removal in other communities”, Dr. Litras said.......................


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