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UK Against Fluoridation

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

From Liz Vaughan Director UKCAF

A Happy New Year to all and lets get this fluoride fiasco finished in 2016. Having been involved since they proposed fluoridation in the North West in 1988 I have seen many changes in approaches from various health authorities and governments during that time dependent on whether they feel they are winning or losing but government policy in support of fluoride remains static.
Doug has been an environmental scientist all his working life but became really involved after the Camelford poisoning, we are both all too aware of the non listening mode of the dept of health in regard to fluoride, it appears to be their'sacred cow'. I have taken the world;s top scientists to give presentations to ministers and shadow ministers all to no avail. Dr Sheila Gibson and I also gave a presentation to NICE, a meeting where our opposing speakers were Prof Lennon and the head of the BDA but when it came to questions from the audience they suddenly had urgent trains to catch. In spite of Prof Connett's opinion that "Doug has abandoned science" he is completely wrong neither of us have but there are other ways of fighting fluoridation which we work very hard at.
As you can see by the website www.ukcaf.org we have been very busy, since our Dec 29th piece on smoking Doug has written on Jan 2nd 'Peckham et al v The Others and on Jan 4th Deserving dentist gets cash windfall over dreadful deficit in fluoride.
Enjoy reading these and please pass information to supporters on your mailing lists. Thank you.

Liz Vaughan  Director UKCAF      


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