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UK Against Fluoridation

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Fluoride still used in most Oklahoma cities despite reports of brain damage, low IQ in children

ADA, surgeon general continue endorsement of fluoride as critical ingredient for good oral health
OKLAHOMA CITY – Most Oklahoma municipalities continue to inject fluoride into public drinking water despite global reports that the mineral can lead to brain damage and a lower IQ in children.
Some cities across the nation have engaged in controversial debates over fluoride and whether its benefits outweigh the risks. In other parts of the world, countries have eliminated fluoride from public drinking water systems because of reports and studies that show it can be harmful to adults and children.
Debbie Ragan, spokesman for the Oklahoma City water department, said fluoride is a part of the city’s drinking water based on recommendations from the American Dental Association and government agencies. “What’s happening is we use it less and less because of all the fluoride that’s in toothpaste and mouthwash,” she said. “We do it in accordance with the (Oklahoma) Department of Environmental Quality, the EPA and the dental association.
Oklahoma City lowered its fluoride level recently from .8-1.2 parts per million to .7 ppm based on recommendations from the Oklahoma Health and Human Services agency.
However, activists like Toni Samanie believe fluoride is a drug, not a mineral. “They’re dosing everyone who drinks tap water without their consent. Doctors don’t do that with other drugs they prescribe. You have to get the patient’s consent. This is nonconsensual. If people want fluoride, go to the doctor and get a prescription, but stop putting drugs in my drinking water,” she said. “People should want to minimize the toxicity that goes into you’re their body. I’m against fluoride in public drinking water at any level.”
Samanie also contends the money spent to buy the fluoride could be used on projects that benefit the public at large.
Oklahoma City spends $22,000 a month or $264,000 a year to purchase fluoride from its vendor Mosaic, Ragan said...............................


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