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UK Against Fluoridation

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

USA - Fluoride causes harm to teeth

Rutland City adds fluorosilicic acid, a neurotoxin, to fluoridate the Rutland water supply.
The CDC agrees the benefit of fluoride is primarily when it is applied to the tooth surface, not swallowed. The cumulative effects of fluorosilicic acid cause fluorosis in 40 percent of our teenagers and shows visible effects on the teeth. The ADA advises parents not to use fluoridated water to make baby formula.
My children were raised on spring water, a healthy diet and received regular dental care. They never had cavities and continue to have healthy teeth as adults.
As a special education teacher in middle school, I witnessed children’s spotted teeth every day. Since fluorosis permanently stains teeth that can only be removed with dental treatments, I am strongly opposed to adding fluorosilicic acid, an industrial waste product from the fertilizer industry, to Rutland’s water supply.
Claiming that fluoridation is beneficial for the teeth of children of lower-income families is deceptive, unethical, unsafe and will be very expensive to treat when it is time for these kids to seek employment.
When the ADA continues to promote an outdated disingenuous practice of dumping fluorosilicic acid in Vermonters drinking water and ignores the findings in the Cochrane Oral Health Group Report, it implies that the dental profession profits from fertilizer waste products.


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