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UK Against Fluoridation

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fluoride in Water and 5 Other Terrifying Places it’s Hiding

Minimizing Fluoride Exposure in the Home

................You can impact this major problem in two ways and dramatically minimize the danger of fluoride. The first way to minimize exposure is in your personal and home life. You can minimize your personal exposure, as well as your family’s exposure. You can do this in the following ways:
  • Avoid Fluoridated Water: This is the most impactful as well as one of the simplest ways to reduce your exposure to fluoride. You can find out more about your options by an article on Learning to Reduce Exposure to Fluoride.
  • Eat more Fresh, Organic Food: I wish that I could tell you that there was a way to avoid this toxin without avoiding processed foods, unfortunately, that is simply not the case. If you want to avoid fluoride, you need to cut out as much processed food as possible and stick to whole, nature-grown organics.
  • Avoid Mechanically De-Boned Chicken: As mentioned earlier in the article, this process has a lot to do with your consumption. Make sure you’re mindful of the way your food is prepared at all times to help minimize your risk of exposure. 

Taking a Political and Environmental Stand on Fluoride

You can make another really significant impact by speaking out against fluoride in your water supply. You can do this by writing letters and making phone calls to your local officials about your personal concern with yourself, your family, and your children being exposed to fluoride. More importantly, you can spread the word. The more of us complaining about Fluoride to our officials, the more of an impact we make collectively as a whole. Make sure that you get anyone you can on board, and let’s stop the government’s poisoning of our water supply. 


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