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UK Against Fluoridation

Thursday, July 09, 2015

UK - Leave our water free of fluoride

FLUORIDE: The Government wants to force councils to fluoridate our waterWednesday 8 July 2015
THE Government wants to force councils to fluoridate our water.
Recent data shows there is no difference in dental cavities, whether the water has fluoride added or not.

Fluoride is derived from process waste dumps and contains significant amounts of arsenic, lead, barium and aluminium, amongst other toxins.

Arsenic is a potent carcinogen and lead causes brain damage.

Even if fluoride compounds were pure, there is no safe dose. Fluoride accumulates in the bones, endocrine glands and kidneys and can cause reduced IQ, depression, arthritis and untreatable tooth problems. Data from 1996 shows people in Sunderland (non-fluoridated) required fewer trips to the dentists and spent less on dental work than either Newcastle/Gateshead or Birmingham (both fluoridated).

I urge people to do their own research.

Then lobby your MP and require them to ask the Government to do two things with sugar: tax it and fluoridate it.
If fluoride is so good, and totally safe, why not? But leave our water alone.

M Watson, Darlington

Tax and fluoridate sugar - that's a new one - what do you think?


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