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Monday, July 13, 2015

Harvard Research: Flouride Not Only Reduces Your IQ, It Doesn't Even Prevent Cavities

Harvard Research: Flouride Not Only Reduces Your IQ, It Doesn't Even Prevent Cavities
11688398_sThree years ago, Harvard researchers published a huge study that showed the dark side of fluoride consumption. The study followed children who lived in several areas with differing levels of sodium fluoride added to their water supply. Shockingly, it was proven without a doubt that those who lived in areas that had high levels of sodium fluoride content in their water supply had a significantly lower intelligence quotient (IQ) than those who lived in areas where there was less fluoride added. At the time, this research was published in Environmental Health Perspectives, a federal government medical journal.

At the time, nothing big happened, until April of this year, when the federal government announced the decision to lower added fluoride levels. This announcement was big news indeed, as the last time fluoride levels had been reduced in the United States was 50 years ago. Perhaps authorities could no longer deny the case building against fluoride by all the research being done.

Then last month, in June 2015, another big study was released, this time from the Cochrane Collaborators, who are a group of doctors and scientists who are known for their comprehensive research and data. This time, the study was focused on finding out whether there was any real evidence to prove that fluoride in water actually prevented cavities. The verdict? After thorough analysis of all current studies to date on the topic and narrowing it down to those that were of high enough quality to be reviewed, it was decided that there was no substantial evidence found to prove that sodium fluoride made any statistically significant difference to cavities at all.

In fact, the Cochrane Collaborators only found three studies since 1975 that were even worthy of inclusion. Prior to 1975, there were only seven studies that were of high enough quality. These studies showed that cavities are not reduced in any kind of significant degree in permanent teeth. The researchers also looked for studies since 1975 done on the effectiveness of reducing cavities in baby teeth, and fluoride did not have much of an impact on those either.

Anne-Marie Glenny, study co-author from Manchester University in the United Kingdom said,

From the review, we’re unable to determine whether water fluoridation has an impact on caries levels in adults,

It is time to make this research known. There is no reason to keep this dangerous chemical in our water supply when it is not only harming our brain, but is not even doing what it was put there to do in the first place: prevent cavities!


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