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UK Against Fluoridation

Monday, July 27, 2015

From UKCAF.org

The latest development in a field of medical research that you might think has nothing much to do with fluoridation is actually the most exciting development in years. Chris Exley's (and many others')  work on the link between aluminium and Alzheimer's Disease is at last beginning to be taken seriously. But he's also discovered how it may be possible to stop it developing - and the solution is absurdly simple  - just drink a litre of silica-rich mineral water a day!

And one of the emerging concerns over the aluminium link is the possible role of fluoride in this pandemic. It acts as a synergist, promoting the uptake of aluminium from food and water in the stomach - and virtually all municipal water supplies contain aluminium. Yes, they're only there in very small traces, but that's enough, over decades, to build up to a level that starts the dementia process.

So now we have the strongest argument ever for stopping the addition of fluoride to drinking water. If there's even a chance (and in fact it's almost certainly a lot stronger than that) that it could accelerate the onset of Alzheimer's, then it is criminally negligent to insist on adding fluoride to public water supplies.

I've run with this on my web site (www.ukcaf.org), and included embedded videos put out by Chris and the Futsci.com site as part of the campaign. Mine is probably the only site where you'll find this argument spelled out, but I have read all of the scientific papers, and can assure you that this is all based on very sound, high-quality research science indeed. The appeal is even backed by the Editor of the Journal of Alzheimer's Research, so this is genuine and reputable.

I've gone into more detail on a separate page - https://www.ukcaf.org/exley_crowdfunding_appeal.html - so you can check out some more of the details too. Below is a short Flyer that you can post on web sites to spread the word. Please also put this out on Twitter and other Social Media, so we can get it around the Anti-fluoridation community as quickly as possible.

Doug Cross

Fluoride’s final frontier?

This could be the killer argument against fluoridation.


There's a new kid on the block, one who is going to force the public sector to start taking notice of what we, the people, want from our medical services. I've already mentioned the work that Prof. Chris Exley has been doing on aluminium poisoning, and how it ties in with both the excesses of compulsory water fluoridation and the poisoning of my own community in Cornwall, almost 30 years ago.

And I've warned you that aluminium in our food and water is implicated in the rising tide of dementia, and that fluoride could simply be making it worse. Now he's challenging the medical establishment, right in the heart of its corrupt soul. He is inviting us all to get involved in a crucial experiment that could solve the dementia problem once and for all.

He's found that aluminium in our bodies can be removed, easily, painlessly - and cheaply - by simply drinking couple of glasses of silica-rich mineral a day - water that you can buy off the shelves at your local Supermarket! Now he wants to run a People's Clinical Trial, to find out if his discovery can lead to a way to eliminating what is almost certainly the most important stimulus in the onset of dementia.

Of course, nobody in either government or industry will fund such an apparently ridiculously idea - but he's already shown that it does work, with real Alzheimer's patients. So that's where we all come in now - how much would you pay to help to find a way to ensure that your own kids won't have to face that awful condition of dementia when they are old?

A preventive treatment to stop dementia is the Holy Grail of medicine, and since fluoridation is utterly incompatible with this vital discovery, all of us who oppose fluoridation now have an additional cause for denouncing this disreputable 'public health' practice.

If Chris' study gets the funding he needs, it will set a precedent for a revolutionary 'people-centred' approach to medical research that could spread far more widely than this. The possibilities are endless, and have the medical sector thoroughly alarmed! So if you've been looking for the ultimate argument against fluoridation, take note now - and get involved! This could bring the whole Fluoridation House of Cards tumbling around the ears of the dental charlatans who have assaulted us with their fake 'medicine' all these years!


Doug Cross FRSB,

UK Councils Against Fluoridation


  • This is a very significant development. The SHA, of course, dismissed the aluminium link when I raised the question, but they (now PHE) will find themselves eating humble pie very soon. For anyone who knows that homeopathy, far from being "snake oil" or nothing more than a "placebo", is the most potent therapy ever discovered, I can also recommend Dr Schuessler Cell Salts in addition to the silica rich mineral water. In her book "Tissue Salts For Healthy Living", Margaret Roberts has this to say about a specific tissue salt, Silica, "Elderly people, without exception, need Silica twice daily" and "an imbalance of Silica causes poor memory, absentmindedness....." The author also warns "this tissue salt will dissolve any metal or foreign body within the body, even breast implants."

    There are 12 basic tissue salts that may be taken singly or in various combinations, depending on the symptoms.

    By Anonymous Carrie, at 28 July, 2015  

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