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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dentists warn of plastic in brand of toothpast

Published on 27 Sep 2014
By Jaie Avila

SAN ANTONIO - Dentists are sounding warning about a very popular brand of tooth paste, and what it may be leaving behind in your gums. The Trouble Shooters started investigating several weeks ago after getting complaints from dentists and patients.

When Jennifer Martinez went in for a teeth cleaning recently the hygienist spotted something strange on her gums and teeth: tiny blue specks. Jennifer remembered seeing them when she would floss at home.

‚“Specks of blue throughout all of my teeth, every time i would floss i would see blue specks,‚ Martinez said.

Jennifer knew the tiny sparkles were coming from the toothpaste she used, Crest 3-D White, one of Proctor


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