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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

USA - Childhood Mental Disability Rates Reach All-Time High

Childhood Mental Disability Rates Reach All-Time High: Why Are Kids From Low-Income Families Continually At Risk?

Childhood Mental HealthMental disabilities in children include both developmental problems of the brain and mental health conditions, such as autism, and, unfortunately, a child’s family income plays a major role in their chances of being diagnosed with such a disorder. 
A recent study conducted at the University of Pittsburgh has revealed that childhood mental disability rates in the United States have reached a historic high, which has health care professionals scrambling to find better treatment and prevention strategies for at-risk children.
“This study demonstrates what a lot of pediatricians have been noticing for several years – that they are seeing more neurodevelopmental and mental health problems in their clinical practices,” Dr. Amy Houtrow, associate professor of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Pediatrics at University of Pittsburgh, said in astatement. “As we look toward the future, the pediatric health care workforce and system needs to adapt to assure the best possible health and functional outcomes for children with disabilities related to neurodevelopmental and mental health conditions.”.................
Same reason as they also have poor dental health, not spending money on fresh vegetables and fruit perhaps.


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