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UK Against Fluoridation

Friday, June 13, 2014

USA - Fluoridated Water Sinks

Fluoridated Water Sinks in Hartford

By Jordan Cuddemi
Hartford — A push by a group of Upper Valley public health advocates to fluoridate Hartford’s municipal water supply isn’t gaining much traction among town officials.
The Selectboard unofficially decided Tuesday night not to slate time at a future meeting for a formal presentation from members of the Upper Valley Oral Health Coalition, which earlier this year launched a “Happy Hartford Teeth” campaign to encourage fluoridation of the town’s municipal water supply. The system serves roughly 90 percent of Hartford’s 10,000 residents, according to John Choate, utilities superintendent at the Department of Public Works.
Plainfield resident Beth Kopp, coordinator of the coalition, recently brought the idea to newly elected Selectboard members Matt Bucy and Sandra Mariotti, and Mariotti on Tuesday asked her colleagues about allotting time at a future meeting for the campaign to speak about fluoridation.
Members of the board indicated they were wary of formal consideration, given the controversy surrounding fluoride.......


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