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UK Against Fluoridation

Thursday, May 22, 2014

USA - Murfreesboro and LaVergne Receive Award for Adjusting Fluoride Level in Water

The CDC awards recognize communities that achieved excellence in community water fluoridation by maintaining a consistent level of fluoridated water throughout 2012. Tennessee was one of 32 states to have community water systems earning the awards.

“Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in water,” said Suzanne Hayes, DDS, director of the Tennessee Department of Health Oral Health Services. “By adjusting the amount of fluoride in its water supply system, a community can help residents of all ages prevent tooth decay and have improved oral health. Research shows every $1 invested in fluoridation saves at least $38 in costs for future dental treatment.”..............

Usual spin and brings to my mind the question, what about the water companies who don't achieve excellence in water fluoridation presuming they are referring to variance in administering the amount?
Not forgetting they also add arsenic and lead with every dose they do put in.


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