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UK Against Fluoridation

Saturday, May 10, 2014

UK - Cornwall's Child Dental Crisis

Article imageIt is being revealed that children as young as a six are having teeth pulled out in Cornwall.
Dentists in the Duchy tell Pirate FM 99% of cases are preventable.
There are fears that youngsters are eating too many sweets and sugary snacks which can lead to tooth decay.
Neil Mcdonald from Peninsula Community Health sees around 1000 cases a year, just in kids.
He wants to see fluoride treatment offered in schools to help prevent it altogether.
Neil said: "When you go in the supermarkets you can't avoid all the things that cause tooth decay, the shelves are bulging with biscuits and sweets and fizzy drinks and all that sort of thing, kids get used to that, but what we want to say is keep away from that stuff and brush your teeth well.
"I think if they know it's good for their health, I think they will buy it, but granted when there's cheap, sugary stuff available and your child is pulling on your hand saying I want that it's easy you may to buy into it, but it's not a good thing to do, my call to parents would be as sensible as you can, just stay off the fizzies is my best advice."

Children are prevented from smoking and drinking so why aren't there restrictions on the displaying of sweets and drinks aimed at children knowing the harm it causes? 


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