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UK Against Fluoridation

Thursday, May 01, 2014

India - Fluoride victims vote for change

They hope at least the next party to form government would do something to mitigate their plight
Andh tribal voters from Markaloddi in Sirpur (U) Revenue mandal of Adilabad district carry drinking water and food while trekking the 1.5 km of hill to cast their votes at Pangdi polling station located 10 km away in Asifabad (ST) Assembly constituency. Photo: S. Harpal SinghThey are neither physically challenged nor elderly persons, but the trek to polling stations is painful for them because of the water they have been drinking for decades.
“Successive governments had failed to provide safe drinking water to us due to which we have been suffering from fluorosis, but expecting better rule from the next government we decided to walk all the way to the polling station,” K. Lingaiah, a 35-year-old fluoride victim of Kottala village, told The Hindu. He said that fluoride victims undergo an inexplicable pain every time they move, their bones having turned brittle after drinking water with high fluoride content over the years.

The polling station for Kottala village is located at Indurthi, 2.5 km distance away, and the fluoride victims are seen trudging all the way to cast their vote......


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