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UK Against Fluoridation

Monday, January 27, 2014

NZ - Insults fired in fluoridation debate

By: Jenee Tibshraeny, | Latest Health News 

The debate around fluoridation is getting personal as a judge's decision into whether it is legal for a council to fluoridate is awaited.
The landmark ruling into whether it's legal for the South Taranaki District Council to fluoridate water is expected to be released any time now.
Meanwhile the chief executive of the Waikato District Health Board, Craig Climo, is calling anti-fluoride campaigners 'middle class conspiracy theorists' who seem able to capture our community decision makers.
The co-ordinator of the Fluoride Action Network, Mary Byrne, says Mr Climo is trying to divert attention from the facts around fluoridation.
"People opposed to fluoridation come from all political persuasions. All races, all ages, all academic qualifications, so he's really just making that up.


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