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UK Against Fluoridation

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Peanut oil in vaccines behind widespread peanut allergy

More than one million children living in America today suffer from peanut allergy, and a significant percentage of these have such severe symptoms that they must carry around self-injectable epinephrine just in case they accidentally become exposed to the food. According to available records; however, virtually nobody had peanut allergy prior to 1900 despite the fact that people have been eating peanuts for ages, which begs the question, why do so many people have peanut allergy today, and from where did this potentially-deadly allergic condition emerge?
In his book The Doctor Within, Dr. Tim O’Shea argues that vaccines are largely responsible for both the advent and increased prevalence of peanut allergy, noting that many vaccines and even antibiotic drugs contain excipients derived from peanut oil. Since it is a relatively inexpensive oil to produce, refined peanut oil became widely adopted as an excipient of choice in the production of vaccines during the 1960s, and it is still widely used today for this purpose....


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