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UK Against Fluoridation

Friday, February 01, 2013

Australia - Cairns to abandon fluoride program

Cairns to abandon fluoride program
BY: SEAN PARNELL From: The Australian February 01, 2013

QUEENSLAND is retreating from water fluoridation, despite warnings from its own health officials and new research showing fluoride helps shield children's teeth from the damage caused by soft drinks.
The former Labor government overturned the long-held policy that required councils to hold a plebiscite if they wanted water fluoridation, compelling them to act on the issue without community support but with the benefit of state funding.
After lobbying from Rosa Lee Long, a former One Nation MP turned mayor of the north Queensland council of Tablelands, the Liberal National Party government cut $14 million in funding and ruled councils could opt out of the program.
Cairns has now followed Tablelands' lead and will withdraw from the program, citing the high maintenance costs, divided community opinion, and the Local Government Association of Queensland policy that states that "involuntary medication" requires explicit community consent. Bundaberg is also due to hold a plebiscite......


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