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UK Against Fluoridation

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

USA - Three more communities to end fluoridation this year

Three more communities have voted to end fluoridation this year, increasing the number of fluoride-free citizens by another 5,000 people. All three towns are in Indiana--the Hoosier State—including the towns of Walkerton, North Liberty, and Lakeville. Walkerton was the first to vote the toxic chemical out of their water, and they did so because of the health concerns associated with overexposure to fluoride; a problem that now affects more than 41% of America’s adolescents. North Liberty ended fluoridation also due to concerns over health issues, but primarily because they border Walkerton and had purchased fluoridation chemicals in bulk along with Walkerton. When Walkerton ended fluoridation, the cost of chemicals was too high for North Liberty to purchase on their own. Separately, Lakeville councilors voted to end the practice solely due to the increasing cost of fluoridation chemicals. ..............

Stuart Cooper, Campaign Manager



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