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UK Against Fluoridation

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Ireland - Problem with fluoride

A chara, – Fluoride’s safety for human consumption (June 20th, 26th, 28th 29th) has never been tested by the Irish Medicines Board. In Ireland the fluoride added to our drinking water is regarded as cosmetic. This means it does not have to go through the rigorous testing that a normal drug would go through.

The fluoride we ingest on a daily basis is intended to prevent tooth decay, which is a disease. Therefore, there is a strong argument that the fluoride added to our water should be re-classified as a drug. If it is reclassified as a drug then water fluoridation should cease until its safety for human consumption is fully analysed by the Irish Medicines Board. – Yours, etc,

Kevin Street Upper, Dublin 8.


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