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UK Against Fluoridation

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

UK - Daily Echo Letters

Hat's off to heroine Gerri for taking this fight to the top
I WAS one of the those people that was at the consultation back in 2009. The consultation, if you can call it that, was a sham.
We, the public, felt we were back at school. You could be seen but not heard.
As most of us already know fluoride is an industrial waste chemical produced by the steel and aluminium industry. So why would they want to put this toxic waste in our water supply? These chemicals can build up in the body over time and cause all sorts of health problems.
The fact remains that our water should be left alone. As I have said many times water is there for drinking not for treating. The water companies are there to keep pure water as pure as possible. But it would be contaminated if this toxic waste is added. The water companies themselves don't want it. Doesn't that say it all. All this about saving children's teeth is complete and utter rubbish. They, the SHA, are using children as an excuse to get away with trying to add fluoride.
If children drink water it probably will hardly touch their teeth. They will have plenty going into their little bodies though which will do them more harm in the long run with a toxic fluoride added.
We want to see an end to this flu-pride debate by getting a decision in favour of keeping it out of our water for good.
As I am writing this letter I would like to also thank Gerri Milner for taking this case to the High Courts.
She has children herself and wants to fight for the right of keeping our water as pure as possible, fit for drinking, so well done to her.
Also fifteen thousand signatures were taken to 10 Downing Street last year. Fifteen thousand signatures.
I think the public have made it very clear that they do not want fluoride in their drinking water. Not now or anytime in the future.


Regarding the issue of fluoride in our water. It is to be hoped that Judge Justice Holman will recognise that the vast majority of Hampshire residents voted against this and back democracy.
It was a free vote in a free country, a cause I believe my generation fought and thousands died for, just 20 years after another generation also gave their lives and sadly today are still giving their lives in the cause of freedom.
Apart from the medical dangers of this poison (plus the disgusting taste) it will be a very sad and serious day if democracy is defeated.
J Bailey Shirley Warren

The horrible taste was most likely the chlorine as far as I know it is tasteless.


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