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UK Against Fluoridation

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

UK - I know I'm right about Fluoridation

I know I'm right about Fluoridation
27 October 2009
Duck Hill
Pecket Well
Hebden Bridge

DAVID Sunderland appears so eager to discredit me that he reveals the same ignorance and hostility as Barbara Sutcliffe.
When I claim that pathology laboratories in Britain will not check urine and other biological specimens for fluoride levels in cases of illness and infant mortality I speak from my own experience and that of Dr Peter Mansfield, of Louth, and my own doctor who, in the late 1970s, made such a request of the General Hospital, Halifax.

In answer to his question as to how one can know if fluoride is the cause of illness, I have found particularly in infants and children that intelligent and correct postulation, followed by investigation of diet, water, prescription drugs and air pollution to be followed by correct diagnosis and evasion of the offending toxic agents invariably results in recovery within a matter of eight days to three weeks.

I could refer to specific cases in Calderdale and Bradford but experience has taught me that the Courier will not publish reference to specific cases. Also I find it distressing when the Press will not put me into contact with the parents even though they are distraught and wanting to know the cause of their child's illness or death.

Dennis Edmondson

1 Peter Avinou,27/10/2009 11:15:36
Dennis, do not not take any heed?
They read so far and gain what they then belief backs them up, then open fire!
Reasoned argument is not the scene of bigots and the easily led.
Leave them to it, the truth will out and we shall have the inward pleasure that being right gives.

jwillie6,27/10/2009 13:25:27
A doctor or a dentist cannot force anyone to take a drug against their will, yet BIG BROTHER uses the water system to force everyone in a community to take fluoride. The amount injected into the water can be controlled, but the dose people consume cannot, because some drink one glass and some drink ten glasses. That is why half of all children have enamel damage (fluorosis). For childern, 23 research studies from four countries show a reduction of IQ and several studies show a fivefold increase in bone cancer by the time they are 20. The elderly suffer broken hips from brittle bones and other cancers.
Go to (www.fluoridealert.org) to get the facts. Don't remain uniformed.
You will see a petition there signed by over 2600 professionals calling on governments to stop fluoridation of our water systems.
Report Unsuitable3 Rob Reynolds,27/10/2009 16:47:33
And the anti-fluoride campaigner gets stronger and stronger. It's now time to focus our attention on the food industry, particularly the sugar lobby.

These people have consistently halted attempts to reduce sugar in our food and have refused any forms of self regulation. Sugar is a cheap bulking agent. It's addictive, it increases obesity and rots teeth.

Channel 4 did an excellent piece on their activities. It seems that EU legislation has been so watered down that even a donut can be made to be nutritious in its labelling.

If children become addicted to these sugary products their health will suffer. But have dentists demanded action against the sugar lobby? No. Has our Govt. had the guts to force through legislation? No. Yet they slam us for excessive drinking and smoking.

Perhaps we should ask our local MP why she is being sponsored by NESTLE?


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