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UK Against Fluoridation

Saturday, July 18, 2009


FAN Bulletin 1081: An excellent article and letter
July 18, 2009,
An excellent article appeared on the web site Examiner.com on July 16 (see below). It was written by Angela Schnaubelt, who describes herself as the "water examiner" from Minneapolis. In the article she addresses the dangers to babies if they drink fluoridated water. She uses both EWG's and FAN's web pages to support her commentary and in particular cites several professionals who appear on our DVD Professional Perspectives on Fluoridation. It is really good to see this issue raised in Minnesota, a state which has mandatory fluoridation.

An excellent letter by Michael Doll was published in the Chicago Daily Herald today -right under the noses of the headquarters of the American Dental Association.
Thank you Angela and thank you Michael.
It is exciting to read these words from people who have obtained a great deal of their information from our web site, and are prepared to use this as a reliable source to back up their views. That is why we are here.

It is also exciting to hear that FAN NZ has just opened a website for the newly formed coalition "Fluoridation Free NZ." Please check this out at http://www.banfluoride.org.nz/ and standby for news of a new website being organized by the citizens fighting fluoridation in Ireland.

For those who live in the UK and are within traveling distance of Leeds in Yorkshire you might want to hear my presentation on fluoridation which I will be giving there at 7 pm at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Saturday July 25. Please contact Elizabeth McDonagh, President of the National Pure Water Association, for more details at elizabethmcdonagh17@btinternet.com .

If you are wondering how you can help this effort to end fluoridation worldwide please write to your Senator, Representative or MP and recommend that they go to our website http://www.FluorideAlert.org and watch the DVD Professional Perspectives on Fluoridation, which can be watched online. You are only asking for 28 minutes of their time, but it could make a difference in the whole lives of many of the citizens that they represent.

Paul Connett

Baby Water 101: Is fluoride in baby nursery water safe for infant formula and newborns?

Twin Cities Water Examiner

July 16, 2:09 PM

By Angela Schnaubelt

Babies under six months of age should not be given spring water, nursery water, well water, bottled water, or tap water unless parents are absolutely sure the levels of nitrates, lead, arsenic, and fluoride are safe. Other contaminants from water pollution can be harmful to newborns, as well. Due to immature immune systems, babies are more susceptible to contaminants in drinking water than the kids and adults.

Babies and Fluoride Dosage

According to Dr. William Hirzy, Vice President of the EPA employee union, the blood-brain barrier in infants is not fully developed, so fluoride dosage has more toxic effect and may contribute to lower IQ in children. (interview segment in the brilliant and thorough 28-minute video, Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation)

Dr. Vyvyan Howard, a Fetal Patho-Toxicologist, states, "there's lots of epidemiological evidence now that effects the intelligence of the child … [studies] coming out of China … and that's been reviewed by the National Academy of Sciences…" (Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation)

In an interview concerning her review of the toxicological literature on fluoride with Michael Connett, Dr. Kathleen M. Thiessen explains that since infants get all of their nutrition from fluid consumption, "the exposure of fluoride per unit body weight in an infant is large… We know that some of those exposure Fluoride Harmful to Babies levels will occur extremely easily in the very young."

Dr. Thiessen asserts, "It's just not wise to do it."

Too Much Fluoride is a Bad Thing, Especially for Babies

Environmental Working Group (EWG) published an article entitled, "Fluoride in Water May Harm Your Baby's Teeth" This article advocates reverse osmosis water for reducing fluoride exposure.

"A recent investigation by the EWG found that over-exposure to fluoride among infants is a widespread problem in most major American cities. EWG's study found that, on any given day, up to 60% of formula-fed babies in US cities were exceeding the Institute of Medicine's "upper tolerable" limit for fluoride." ("New Fluoride Warning for Infants," an article in Mothering Magazine, November, 2006)

Is the health of your baby worth the investigation and the research? There are lots of studies and research available on the Fluoride Action Network, and the Environmental Working Group websites.

More Information on Fluoride

Articles on FAN's website about Babies and Fluoride

Fluoride calcifies the pineal gland, the seat of human consciousness. Read more in this interesting blog with extensive fluoride information: Fluoride - Destruction of Our Consciousness, dated Aug. of 2008

Environmental Working Group has 25 article results for a search on fluoride babies.

Effects of fluoride on arthritis, hypothyroidism, kidney disease and the immunocompromised

Fluoridated water unsafe for infants

Dangers of chlorine in tap water

Make your own decision, but at least make it based on information from primary sources, not from hearsay of outdated EPA limits and profit-motivated ADA endorsements.

Our water should be kept fluoride-free
Letter to the Editor
Chicago Daily Herald

Published: 7/18/2009 12:00 AM

I read the "Your Health" column of July 13, and was shocked by the arrogance of the column stating that fluoridating bottled water will make it "more" healthy. One reads such things and (unless grounded in the understanding that we must question all that we read) would have the tendency to take the health information as gospel.

Let me say that there is very strong scientific evidence which holds that fluoridating the water is not "healthy" and can have detrimental side effects. Health risks associated with low-to-moderate doses of fluoride include: dental fluorosis; bone fracture; bone cancer; joint pain; skin rash, reduced thyroid activity; and IQ deficits.

Even if you want to use fluoride as part of your oral hygiene then you must use it topically. There is no evidence of its effectiveness if used systemically. Please go the site www.fluoridealert.org. There you will find much evidence that fluoridating our water is not the panacea that many imagine. The reality is that most countries in Europe have rejected fluoridation of their water. Less than 10 countries in the world fluoridate more than 50 percent of their water supplies, while almost half of the world's population who drink fluoridated water reside in North America.

It seems that the myth that fluoride is good for you is only put forward by well-meaning media outlets who take as their authority biased Dental Academy recommendations. How do we warn people that they must keep track of the amount of water they drink, the soda they drink and the prepared foods that they eat because they might be ingesting an unhealthy amount of fluoride based on the total quantity of fluoride ingested? There is only one way: our water should be kept fluoride free. Do not medicate our water.

Michael Doll


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