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UK Against Fluoridation

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Southampton - This so called consultation is far from fair

This so called consultation is far from fair, supposedly they were to have 9 drop ins but now they are manning road shows everyday handing out one sided propaganda. Monday they had a caravan in the Centre of the city near West Quay car park and were handing out leaflets.
I went over and low and behold Dr John was there and as my first two question were about mother's milk having almost no fluoride and asking how many tonnes of the fluorosilic acid would they put in per year I got handed over to her. No they had no idea of how many tonnes go in per year. On the mother's breast milk one of them said "there is toothpaste" which leaves me wondering if she had been drinking the fluoride.

I said to Dr Johns how we met at the PCT meeting when we gave evidence of its negative effect on health including providing the DVD showing the girl with **** teeth and had any of this influenced her. Her response was that yes it had, she was even more determined to fluoridate. She seems more concerned about winning then anything else.

I said was it fair to compare Birmingham with Manchester when they have more dentists and she said why dentists go there and it made no difference to dental statistics! She ignored Trevor Sheldon's letter as she says some Professor has written to say the natural fluoride and the FA is the same and the BMC has criticised the York report. She quoted all the agencies that endorse fluoride I said Shipman got away with 500 murders and each time someone agreed that they died from natural causes. I told her about Prof Howard and Prof Connett but she then repeated about all the people in the world who drink fluoridated water. I told her about the obesity in the USA and the other advisor laughed and said OH it is responsible for that so I told her it affects the thyroid. Proves really they only see teeth. In the end they both got ratty and said we would have to disagree and they wanted to speak to other people but their was nobody there at the time and they walked off.

So I've come to the conclusion that it is a waste of time appealing to them we just have to appeal to the public to say no in far greater numbers than those who say they support it.


  • Bill
    Having just downloaded and printed the NHS Central "Public consulation" documant, I would have to agree with you. This is not a Public Consulatation.
    I also am increasingly convinced that Southampton is being used as a test case in order to roll out the programme as quickly as possible throughout the remainder of the UK.
    Why the urgency? because the coming depression will ensure a large number of dusgruntled people within the so called deprived areas.
    You have my fullest support in the campaign to bring this to public attention.

    By Blogger waterman27, at 01 October, 2008  

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