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UK Against Fluoridation

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Letter to the Editor - Orwellian war

Letter to the Editor
Dear Dr. Polya
Your essay on Orwellian war is a masterpiece.
It is one of those essays that makes one say"I wish I had said that".
In years to come your voice will be noted as one of sanity in a house of lunatics.
Of course we both know there is one school of thought that says this apparently insane and self-defeating behaviour by "America" is intentionally designed to pass the mantle of virtue to China- just as the mantle passed from Britain to America when the British Empire was destroyed.
No doubt there are corporate, agri-business, banking, media, military and pharmaceutical interests that will continue to prosper even as "America" flounders. Indeed the case has already been made out for saying that "Nations" are illusions and that the real centre of interests lie in the corporate boardrooms, who flit from one side of the planet to the other according to where the most profit lies.
Your reflections on mortality are in that regard especially interesting and the statistics you quote are revealing and disturbing.
I think it goes deeper than oil, than pure profit, than Islam, than the Vatican, than Israel, and even than China. I suspect it goes to the issue of whether men and women) will be free to live, to think and to plan their lives without control from a centralised, all-knowing, state controlled apparatus- based in some underground bunker, and administered on behalf of souls you and I would label as demented. The position at the moment looks bleak for the free thinkers. It may only be a short time before we open our e mails to find the system is shut down; we open our doors to find a patrol van waiting with a compulsory vaccination and implant tag; and we open our minds to find an empty void caused by breathing air poisoned by chem-trails, drinking water poisoned by years of fluoride and eating food laced with chemicals- to say nothing of mind altering drugs dispensed by medical practitioners to cure our depression or stress.
In the meantime, keep up your valiant work.
At least it makes you- and me- feel better, and perhaps we can not hope for much more at the moment.

Kindest regards
Michael Darwyne
42 Hindhede Drive

The world grows more weird by the day


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