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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Australia - Fluoride lobby witch hunt

Fluoride lobby witch hunt
Jeff Whalley
THE BRUMBY Government's water minister has compared the anti-fluoride lobby to medieval witch hunters.
Bristling at the continued resistance to the move to introduce fluoride to Geelong water, the minister Tim Holding lashed out yesterday.
``Every state and territory and the Commonwealth supports it. The Australian Dental Association supports putting fluoride in water. The Australian Medical Association supports it. The World Health Organisation supports it. The local branch of the AMA supports it. Every study we have had supports it,'' Mr Holding said.
He said the anti-fluoride lobby was resistant to something which would improve dental health for children between seven and 12 years of age.
``We used to burn witches as well, but we don't do that anymore either,'' he said.
``Other parts of Victoria have the dental health benefits, why should Geelong be denied?''
His comments came as the Victorian Department of Human Services announced that drinking water in Geelong would be fluoridated by next year.
Despite complaints from anti-fluoride groups, Mr Holding said there had been adequate consultation.
``This is not about steamrolling. We've had four months of public consultations. We've had a community hotline. We've had information in the newspapers,'' Mr Holding said.
``We understand some people are opposed to this, it is their right to express opposition to it. But ultimately as a government we make a decision based on what is the best interest of the entire community for this region and that is what we'll do.''

medieval witch hunters - that's a new one.


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