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UK Against Fluoridation

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Amount of fluoride in toothpaste question

The argument that there is the same amount of fluoride in a blob of toothpaste as a glass of water as in the last video - is it right?
Below is the info on toothpase and they are talking about 1500 ppm. Anybody know?

Amount of fluoride in toothpaste
It can be difficult to work out the amount of fluoride contained in a toothpaste since toothpaste tubes often contain only the percentage of the fluoride compound in the paste. It is now accepted that the most efficient method of informing people of the amount of fluoride in a toothpaste is to give the "parts per million" fluoride (ppmF-). In the near future, following agreement between manufacturers, all toothpaste tubes will include details of ppmF- . In the meantime the following conversion table will help in working out levels of fluoride in toothpaste

Sodium Fluoride

0.32% = 1500 ppm F-
0.22% = 1000 ppm F-
0.11% = 500 ppm F-

Sodium Monofluorphospate

1.14% = 1500 ppm F-
0.76% = 1000 ppm F-
0.38% = 500 ppm F-

The EU has prohibited the marketing of cosmetic products (including toothpastes) with over the counter levels of fluoride greater than 1,500 ppmf


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