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UK Against Fluoridation

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sent by Edward Priestley.

There are literally 100's of products which can cause and make thyroid conditions worse so people should avoid them if possible if they have a thyroid problem, particularly low thyroid function, hypothyroidism, which is very common (1 in 5 women in France and 1 in 9 men) and is in the vast majority of cases. Laboratory blood tests, TSH, T4 & T4 are often altered by prescribed drugs, exposurer to toxic chemicals etc and can therefore be misleading. Although there are medical papers written about all these problems the medical profession generally ignores this and continues to often wrongly diagnose many patients by following the laboratory tests only. We have a letter from the UK D.o.H 1986 saying that a medical history and symptoms should be taken into account when diagnosing and not just laboratory blood tests but few doctors follow this advice on "good medical practice".
Some common causes of thyroid problems:
Dozens of prescribed medical drugs.
Exposurer to pesticides.
Consumption of large amounts of tea.
Soft drinks like Coca Cola
Some brands of bottled water with over one part per million fluoride content.

There are many other products which can affect thyroid function but the above are the most common causes.
The common denominator of many of these products are halogen chemicals, chlorine, fluorine and its compounds (fluoride etc) and bromine in many prescribed medical drugs, pesticides, toothpaste, tapwater.
The fluorines (fluoride) are the most toxic of these chemicals.
Edward in France


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