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UK Against Fluoridation

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Letter from NYSCOF

Fluoridation never put a dent in dentists' income. Don't let them fool you. The Wall Street Journal reports dentists work fewer days and fewer hours and make more money than physicians while doing less critical care, such as spa and tooth whitening treatments.Why Dentists Are SmilingThey Now Average Higher Incomes Than Some Physicians http://www.wsjclassroomedition.com/archive/05apr/care_dentist.htm No American is or ever was fluoride-deficient. However, today Americans are dentist-deficient. Dentists make so much money, they turn away people who need them the most. 80% refuse to treat Medicaid patients. And over 40% of Americans don't have dental insurance.Fluoridation gives the illusion that organized dentistry is trying to solve the tooth decay crisis that occurred on their watch, when in fact, they are saying. "Let Them Eat Fluoride."nyscof Homepage 08.12.07 - 6:04 pm #


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