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UK Against Fluoridation

Monday, December 11, 2006

UK - Folic acid echoes fluoridation

"In matters of health we should be given information so we can make an informed choice, not dictated to all the time."
A spokeswoman for Help the Aged said: "We would need to see more evidence of how this might affect older people, but generally we would not want to see anything introduced that put the well-being of older people at risk. "People need to have a choice."A lot of pensioners are limited in what they can buy and bread is a staple part of their diet.

"Taking away their choice would cause concern."

A spokesman for Age Concern said: "Folic acid may help young people but we need to make sure the needs of older people are also being considered.

"When deciding if this should be put in bread we need to be sure that, although there are benefits for certain people, it does not cause any problems for older people."

A spokeswoman for the Food Standards Agency said the committee's final report is expected to be published on Tuesday and its board will then be launching its public consultation on the issue.Once that is completed, the FSA board will consider the results and then pass on its recommendation to health ministers.
The row echoes the controversy surounding the fluoridation of water. Fluoride is added to around 10 per cent of the UK's drinking water to improve children's teeth after research revealed it could cut dental decay by up to 60 per cent. But some now want an end to fluoride in drinking water as young children exposed to too much can end up with mottled teeth.Campaigners also claim it may even trigger bone cancer and osteoporosis.However the World Health Organisation, the Royal College of Physicians and the Department of Health have endorsed water fluoridation as safe.


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