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UK Against Fluoridation

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

UK - HAF July Newsletter

HAF July Newsletter

USA - Mission of Mercy tally: 1,533 smiles

Mission of Mercy tally: 1,533 smiles : La Crosse Tribune
After 60+ years of water fluoridation reaching 70% on public water supplies and virtually 100% via the fluoridation halo-effect: "But he said the Mission of Mercy illustrates the dental crisis that has been ignored by government. “There are so many people in need,” he said. “It’s time for government to step up to make sure we all have access to dental care.”"


UK - Southampton - Fluoride referendum not possible says MP

Fluoride referendum not possible says MP
HOLDING a referendum on plans to fluoridate Hampshire's tap water is "unrealistic", a Southampton MP has warned.
There have been mounting calls for the public to be given a vote over the controversial scheme, after health chiefs backed it despite widespread public opposition.
But Southampton Test MP Alan Whitehead believes staging a single-issue referendum would not be possible because it would set a precedent that could then be applied to all sorts of issues.
"These suggestions are not realistic to where we are now," he said, adding that believes the legislation
needed would be fraught
with problems. Having a referendum on fluoridation would set a precedent for any aspect of British sub-national public life. "It would have to be followed up
with a referendum on any decision to build a road, where to put a walk-in centre, or what maternity facilities to provide, because these are all issues that are important to people involved."
Dr Whitehead has backed the scheme to add fluoride to the tap water delivered to nearly 200,000 homes in parts of Southampton, Eastleigh, Totton, Netley and Rownhams, saying he believes it will improve children's teeth. However, he recently called for the process to be put on hold for an examination of the way the public consultation was carried out.

Monday, June 29, 2009

UK - Health chiefs post 30,000 free toothpaste and toothbrushes to improve dental care

Health chiefs post 30,000 free toothpaste and toothbrushes to improve dental care
6:30pm Sunday 28th June 2009
By World reporter
ALARMING levels of child tooth decay have prompted health chiefs to mount an ambitious prevention programme.
Some 30,000 free tubes of toothpaste and toothbrushes have been posted to all children aged three to 11.
Barry Cockcroft, the chief dental officer at the Department of Health came to Widnes on Friday to see how poor dental health is being tackled.
Keith Milsom, consultant in dental public health at NHSHalton and St Helens, said: “We are faced locally with having higher levels of tooth decay than the national average.
“This is obviously of great concern to us, to the parents of our children and children themselves who will have to live with the consequences of early decay.
“Fluoride toothpaste is convenient to use and has been linked to the decline in levels of dental decay in many countries.”
Free toothpaste will be distributed to children again in the summer and for the next two years.
Extra capacity in dental surgeries is being made available so that all children requiring dental treatment are able to receive it.
Dentists are being encouraged to expand the use of fluoride varnish which strengthens teeth against decay.
In Halton, 50 per cent of five year olds are affected by dental decay compared to the national average of 38 per cent.
The average five year old in England has 1.47 teeth affected by tooth decay. In Halton, the figure is two.

Australia - Official warning to Seqwater for fluoride overdosing incident

Official warning to Seqwater for fluoride overdosing incident
29 June 2009
QUEENSLAND Natural Resources Minister Stephen Robertson has issued an official warning to Seqwater over the company’s handling of the April fluoride overdosing incident.
The warning comes after Adjunct-Professor Mark Pascoe from the International Water Centre released an independent report into the North Pine Water Treatment plant.
The report found Seqwater had failed to properly manage fluoride levels, and the overdose was due to equipment failures, to which the company did not respond appropriately.
Professor Pascoe wrote that while the design of the fluoride dosing facility at North Pine was adequate, it did not adhere to the Water Fluoridation Regulation requirements
Seqwater also failed to immediately notify the Office of the Water Supply Regulator of equipment malfunctions at North Pine Water Treatment plant, which is a breach of the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008.
Linkwater, which took the water samples, was criticised for taking too long to report the incident.
According to Minister Robertson, Seqwater was found in numerous breaches of the Water Fluoridation Act 2008. Seqwater and Linkwater must report on a monthly basis to the State Government to ensure they are implementing the regulator’s directions and the recommendations relating to them from the Pascoe report.

USA - Dental Community Provides More Than $300,000 In Free Care To 2,090 Connecticut Children

Dental Community Provides More Than $300,000 In Free Care To 2,090 Connecticut Children
It is heartbreaking to think that in the wealthiest state in the country, thousands of Connecticut children are unable to sleep, eat, pay attention in school and generally enjoy their youth because of untreated tooth pain,' said Dr. Elise Cozzi, CSDA's Give Kids A Smile Chairwoman.

In Connecticut where fluoridation is a state requirement:NYSCOF

UK - Southampton MP backs calls for a vote on fluoride

The public has not been convinced it's the right thing to do'
MP backs calls for a vote on fluoride
THE people should have the final say.
That is the message from a Hampshire MP backing calls for the public to be given a vote on plans to fluoridate Hampshire tap water.
Sandra Gidley, pictured, who represents Romsey and north Southampton, believes the people affected by the controversial scheme have not been convinced by the case favour of it.
And the Lib Dem MP says the decision on what goes in the water supply must be made by those who drink it.
"There's such a range of evidence out there that I could actually give you a very convincing argument both for or against fluoridation," she told the Daily Echo. "But ultimately I think the public has to have faith in what's being put in its water and if the people who are in favour cannot convince people it's the right thing to do then it shouldn't happen. "It's quite simple really" During last year's public consultation on the scheme to fluoridate the water supplies of nearly 200,000 homes in Southampton, Eastleigh, Totton, Netley and Rownhams, some 10,000 people had their say.
Of those who gave their views to South Central Strategic Health Authority (SHA), some 72 per cent of people living in the affected area said they opposed the scheme.
In a separate phone survey of 2,000 people, 38 per cent were against fluoridation, compared to 32 per cent in favour. But in February the SHA's board unanimously approved the plans, saying they were convinced by the medical case.
The Daily Echo is backing calls for a referendum on fluoridation, because of the strength of opposition to the scheme, and Mrs Gidley agrees.
"I don't know if there's any precedent for doing it, but I can't see any problem with doing it and it would seem to be the most democratic way of doing it," she said. "One argument put forward by the SHA was that it was only those who are anti who were motivated to send in forms and when they did their separate call around they got a different view.
"But of those who had made up their minds there were certainly more against than in favour.
"I've always felt that the people should have the final say, and that's what the spirit of the legislation was meant to be."
Have your say
WRITE: Southern Daily Echo, Newspaper House, Test Lane, Reclbridge, Southampton S016 9JX. PHONE: Newsdesk 023 8042 4522, FAX: 023 8042 4545 E-MAIL: newsdesk@dailyecho.co.uk

Sunday, June 28, 2009

USA - West Virginia: Free dental clinic fills dire need

West Virginia: Free dental clinic fills dire need "“So, in the end, you have people who may have had many teeth removed, or who have had fillings or root canals or whatever, and they’re thanking you and they’re crying because they’re so happy they’re out of pain."

"What they saw in the mouths of more than 500 people on Friday at Hedgesville High School was a need for oral health care. In some cases, their need at the Eastern Panhandle’s second Mission of Mercy (M.O.M.) free dental clinic was dire.

'We had one patient in there for three hours ...” event chairwoman Betty Russell said.'"

Despite a 92% fluoridation rate: NYSCOF

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Australia - MP Lisa Neville: 'I'm scared'

MP Lisa Neville: 'I'm scared'
Alex Oates
June 27th, 2009
MP Lisa Neville remains shaken almost a week after anti-fluoride extremists left a death threat on her doorstep.
Ms Neville yesterday revealed she had experienced sleepless nights and felt insecure since she returned home last Saturday night to discover a blue plastic Barwon Water bottle containing a hand-written message.
Inside the bottle the message read "Thanks for the poison bitch, ready to kill you slowly".
Ms Neville met with police yesterday to assess tighter security measures at her Geelong West home, while officers are continuing to monitor her street.
"(I'm) still a little bit shaken about it," Ms Neville said.
"My son and I have lived there since he was born, we've really felt safe there and this (threat) has changed that a little bit.
"I'm much more conscious about it, I look around. I'm certainly feeling better at the end of this week ... I didn't sleep earlier in the week."
Ms Neville said she was concerned about the safety of her 12-year-old son, who was also left shaken by the threat.
"My son was quiet upset about it, and I need to take some measures so he can feel safe in his home," she said.
"Whether it's credible or not, apart from being very disappointing, this is not an appropriate way to approach this issue in our community."
Ms Neville said the behaviour of anti-fluoride campaigners was unacceptable.
"It's not the type of democracy that any of us want to live in and I came forward because I felt like it was one way that the community could stand up and 'say we don't want this', but also to put the pressure back on the person who's done this to say that this is inappropriate.
"Let's participate in a robust democracy but lets' not make people feel unsafe in their own homes."
Detective Senior Sergeant Rod Lloyd of Geelong CIU yesterday said detectives had received a number of leads but none had led to any charges being laid.
Sen Sgt Lloyd said the bottle that was left on the doorstep was still in the hands of forensic scientists.

Fluoride in dog food - Pets' health at risk?

Fluoride Linked to Hormone Disruption, Thyroid Problems and Bone Cancer
CONTACT: EWG Public Affairs, (202) 667-6982
WASHINGTON, D.C -- Eight of 10 dog food brands tested by an independent laboratory commissioned by Environmental Working Group (EWG) contain fluoride in amounts up to 2.5 times higher than the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) national drinking water standard.
Study: http://www.ewg.org/pethealth/report/fluoride-in-dog-food
The eight dog foods, all of them major national brands, were found to contain significantly more fluoride than levels implicated by a 2006 Harvard study in bone cancer in young boys.

In all eight cases, the likely sources of excess fluoride were bone meal and animal byproducts.

“Due to a failed regulatory system and suspect practices by some in the pet food industry, countless dogs may be ingesting excessive fluoride that could put them at risk,” Olga Naidenko, Ph.D, lead researcher of the EWG-sponsored study, said.

Moreover, Naidenko said, the fact so many popular national pet food brands contain previously undetected health hazards is one more symptom of the federal food safety system’s overall laxity.

“Our findings point to the need for basic health protections that require companies to prove their products are safe before they are sold,” Naidenko said. “Bringing public health laws in line with the newest scientific research is a critical step in protecting the health of all members of American households, whether they walk on two legs or four.”

The eight high-fluoride brands disclosed contents including chicken by-product meal, poultry by-product meal, chicken meal, beef and bone meal. Any ingredient described as “animal meal” is basically ground bones, cooked with steam, dried, and mashed to make a cheap dog food filler. A small fraction of fluoride in dog food comes from fluoridated tap water added to solid ingredients at pet food plants.

Fluoride occurs naturally in some water supplies. But two-thirds of Americans -- and their pets and livestock-- drink water that has been artificially fluoridated on grounds it improves dental health.

Fluoride is also found in certain foods, those from plants grown in high-fluoride soils or those to which the chemical is introduced during processing. Once ingested with food or water, fluoride accumulates in the bones.

An average dog who drinks adequate water daily would be exposed to 0.05 to 0.1 milligrams of fluoride per kilogram of body weight, depending on the dog's weight and water consumption. But those dogs who eat food high in fluoride, day in and day out, may be exposed to unsafe levels of fluoride.

For example, a 10-pound puppy that eats about a cup of dog food a day would consume 0.25 milligrams of fluoride per kilogram of body weight per day, an amount five times higher than the ”safe” level set by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Pet food should be held to the same health and safety standards as human food and should be free of contaminants that may endanger pets' health. Yet, the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA)has little authority and few resources to ensure that products produced for pets are safe.

The bottom line: when it comes to dubious food additives, chemical pollutants or untested ingredients in pet food, pets and their owners are mostly on their own.

NOTE: If your dog’s food contains bone meal and other meat by-products, EWG recommends switching to brands free of these ingredients in order to minimize your dog’s exposure to harmful pollutants, including fluoride.

UK - Southampton Daily Echo - GIVE us a vote.

GIVE us a vote. The Daily Echo today backs calls for a referendum on controversial plans to fluoridate Hampshire's tap water. By Jon Reeve
Campaigners argue that faith in democracy has been damaged by health chiefs approving the scheme to add fluoride to the water supplies of nearly 200,000 homes, despite widespread opposition.
Calls for a direct referendum on the controversial plans have been made by opponents of fluoride, and one of the city's most powerful politicians. Earlier this month campaigners delivered a 15,300-name petition to Downing Street, urging the Prime Minister to step into the row over fluoridation. During last year's public consultation, more than
10,000 responses were submitted to South Central Strategic Health Authority. Of those from people in the affected area, 72 per cent said they were against it. In a separate phone poll of 2,000 residents, 32 per cent said they would like to see fluoride added to tap water. But 38 per cent said they opposed the plans, affecting parts of Southampton, Eastleigh, Totton, Netley and Rownhams. The SHA board approved the scheme, saying they had gathered opinion as required by law, but were convinced by scientific evidence showing fluoride will improve dental health in the city Southampton city council's deputy leader, Cllr Royston Smith, said he was normally opposed to using referenda, but wanted to see one on fiuoridation. "People are rightfully saying what's the point of asking me and us being part of the political system if we're just going to be ignored," said Cllr Smith, who is standing for the Tories in Southampton Itchen at the next election. "What annoys me is this is an act of political cowardice by the Government. They have devolved responsibility to the SHA and are then saying it's not us that made the decision. "Actually on this point, it is time we put it to a democratic vote and let the people have their say." Hampshire Against Fluoridation's chairman John Spottiswoode said his group had always favoured a referendum as the best way to decide on the subject.
"Why have a consultation if you're going to ignore what the people say and the other issue is it is fundamentally unethical to force people to take something without their consent," he said. "A referendum would properly sort that one out."But if you do have a referendum it has got to be done on a level playing field and people are given proper access to information on both sides." SHA campaigns manager Kevin McNamara said the authority has no view over what the law should be, but simply follows what it says. "The SHA is required to follow the law that's in place at this current time, and if the law was subject to any change we would follow that," he said. "The issue of what that law should be is for politicians to debate in Parliament and decide on, we just work within that law. "That's what the politicians have done with this legislation, which was decided through a free vote, and we're working within it."
COMMENT ONLINE dailyecho.co.uk

UK - Daily Echo backing calls for referendum

Daily Echo backing calls for referendum
By Jon Reeve
THE Daily Echo today backs demands for a referendum on controversial plans to fluoridate Hampshire's tap water.
Campaigners say their faith in democracy has been damaged by health chiefs approving the scheme to add fluoride to the water supplies of nearly 200,000 homes despite widespread opposition.
Anti-fluoride activists have been joined by one of Southampton's most powerful politicians to call for a direct vote on the issue.
Nearly three-quarters of people who responded to a public consultation said they were against fluoridation. Full story on page 3

Friday, June 26, 2009

Hyperthyroidism is common condition in cats

Hyperthyroidism is common condition in cats
By Dr. Michael Fox


Dear Dr. Fox — I read your column in our newspaper with regard to Hill's Pet Nutrition's use of Bisphenol A in its pet-food cans.

Our cat seems to fit the profile of this issue, as our veterinarian prescribed Hill's ID in May 2008. By late fall, we noticed he seemed thinner although he was eating well. I finally took him to the doctor, and he was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. He has been on medication for that, but it also causes him some itching and stomach upset as side effects.

Upon reading your article, we have discontinued the Hill's flip-top canned food. Do you think his thyroid functions will return to normal?

Hyperthyroidism is the most common endocrine disease in cats and the lining of flip-top cans containing Bisphenol is only part of the problem. There are many endocrine-disrupting and thyroid-harming chemicals in our environment, from the fluoride and chlorine in tap water (cats need pure water) to the fire-retardant chemicals in upholstery, carpets, household dust and even in seafood

So do we.

UK - BBC -Fluoride move sparks review bid

Fluoride move sparks review bid
Campaigners handed a petition with 14,000 names to Downing Street
A judicial review has been initiated by a resident against a decision by health chiefs to add fluoride to tap water in Southampton, a law firm has revealed.
Leigh Day & Co solicitors said it had begun the legal challenge on behalf of Geraldine Milner against South Central Strategic Health Authority (SCSHA).
The SCSHA instructed Southern Water to fluoridate the water despite their consultation showing major opposition.
It said it was satisfied it was a "safe way" of tackling tooth decay.
The SCSHA board's decision was made in February despite 72% of 10,000 respondents in a public consultation opposing the move.
Health fears
It is the first time a health trust in England, rather than water companies, has been allowed to introduce fluoridation under new laws.
As a result of the authority's move, activists from Hampshire Against Fluoridation and other supporters delivered a petition with 14,000 signatures to Downing Street on 9 June.
On its website, a statement from Leigh Day & Co says: "Ms Milner is opposed to the proposals to fluoridate the water supply on account of the continuing uncertainties with regard to the long-term health risks associated with fluoridation."
The board is satisfied that, based on existing research, water fluoridation is a safe and effective way to tackle tooth decay
South Central Strategic Health Authority
It also stated that she was concerned "with regard to the possible adverse environmental effects".

Leigh Day & Co's legal challenge argues that the "SCSHA failed to have regard to the government's policy that mass fluoridation of drinking water should only go ahead in any particular area if a majority of the local people are in favour of it".
It also argues that the SCSHA "failed to follow the requirements set out in the regulations to evaluate arguments in the responses to the consultation for and against fluoridation".
John Spottiswoode, chairman of Hampshire Against Fluoridation, said: "We fully support [Ms Milner] launching a judicial review."
Earlier, in a statement, the SCSHA said: "The board is satisfied that, based on existing research, water fluoridation is a safe and effective way to tackle tooth decay and that the health benefits outweigh all other arguments against water fluoridation."

Australia - Fluoride overdose piped to 400 homes

A MIX of mechanical and human error combined to overdose hundreds of southeast Queensland households with fluoride, a government report says.
The Queensland Government will apologise to about 400 households in the Brisbane suburb of Joyner after it piped drinking water containing around 13 times the maximum recommended dosage of fluoride in April.
Natural Resources Minister Stephen Robertson said a report into the incident by Associate Professor Mark Pascoe, of the public research body The International Water Centre, found that the responsible authority, SEQwater, had failed in its management role.
"SEQwater has breached the Water Supply and Reliability Act, they breached the Water Supply Safety Act,'' Mr Robertson said today.
"I've expressed in very strong terms I find this unacceptable.
"My expectation is the board will take appropriate action against those who have been found to be responsible.
"Should there be a repeat of this incident I will be moving very swiftly to take decisive action at the board level, and possibly senior management level.''
Mr Robertson said he was considering amending the law to give the Government powers to fine organisations that are similarly derelict in their duties.
The mix-up occurred on April 29 this year, but the incident began days before with the disabling of an erratic flow switch and a fluoride "hi-alarm''.
On April 27 the water treatment plant at North Pine was shut down, but the fluoride dosing plant was not turned off.
When, two days later, a fluoride analyser recorded an off-the-scale reading and an alarm was triggered, staff did not respond, assuming it to be a false alarm because the treatment plant was shut down.

At first it was thought as many as 4000 households were affected, but much of the overdosed water was isolated from the public when it was sucked back into the treatment plant as it was restarted.
Mr Robertson said he would write to the affected residents to apologise.
"I can only say how unacceptable I find this incident to be and I do apologise to the people who were concerned and possibly impacted by this episode, and ensure them we will be doing whatever we can to ensure that this is not repeated,'' Mr Robertson said.
Opposition Leader John-Paul Langbroek said delivering a secure water supply was core government business but the Bligh Government had overseen a "fluoride fiasco''.

UK - Southampton Daily Echo

Fluoride decision: the people NEVER had a choice
SO the cat is out of the bag - or the dentures are out of the glass.
In her response to the 15,000-name petition calling for the plan to add fluoride to Southampton's drinking water to be scrapped, health minister Ann Keen finally nails any misconception that there had been any hope that the public's views would be listened to.
Mrs Keen, pictured, confirmed that the Government was in favour of fluoride and the Strategic Health Authority did not in law have to pay any attention to what the people of the city thought or wanted.
That's that then - and makes a mockery of her own Prime Minister's view relayed to the Daily Echo - that this should be a matter for the citizens of Southampton to decide.
It also undermines her Cabinet colleague, Southampton MP John Denham, who has gone on
record in calling for the plan to be shelved, although he also says he supports the principle of fluoride in drinking water.
What concerns Mr Denham, local politicians and this paper, is not so much that fluoride is . necessarily dangerous, but that mass medication should be something people agree with and not something forced upon them.
It is not too late. The SHA can still reign back from this plan and instead of pouring public cash into fighting any legal challenges in the pipeline agree to a referendum. If, as the STA says, there is no firm evidence that the majority of residents are against the plan then they should have nothing to fear.
If they go ahead now with a discredited and deeply unpopular scheme they risk alienating a whole population.

.... but show sympathy for the poor minister
Mind you, I do have some sympathy for junior Health Minister Ann Keen (see left) for her daft decision, she is, after all, under a lot of pressure.
It must be terrible for her having to fend off the national press after it was revealed she and her husband have claimed £140,000 for a second home flat that is ten minutes walk from Parliament while their "main" home is boarded up ten miles away.
Difficult to get a grip of such a complicated issue as dental health in Hampshire when you've been threatened with having your boarded-up "main" home seized by the council after you admit you haven't lived there for months. Poor luv.

UK - Southampton daily Echo

Click image to read article

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Australia - Degens' tries to stop fluoridation

Degens' tries to stop fluoridation
Belinda Scott 25th June 2009
COFFS Harbour City councillor Rodney Degens will attempt to halt fluoridation of the city's water supply at this afternoon's council meeting.
The Greens councillor has given notice of his intention to move that the Department of Health be requested to rescind their gazettal that Coffs Harbour must fluoridate the water supply and that the council seek legal opinion regarding council's options to stop fluoridation.
Cr Degens said according to 2005 World Health Organisation data; dental health in 12-year-olds in non-fluoridated industrialised countries was as good, if not better than those in countries with fluoridated water.
Cr Degens said contrary to general opinion, the decision to fluoridate was not a fait accompli and the decision was still under council control, but the stakes had been raised due to the $570,000 cost of the fluoridation equipment already installed in the new water treatment plant, which would be borne by ratepayers if fluoridation was halted.
He said the decision to add fluoride had never been popular; the annual running costs for fluoridation would be about $78,000 and fluoridating the whole town's water supply for the minute amount needed for drinking was obviously excessive.
Council staff have commented that there is no obligation by the Department of Health to consider the request favourably, legal advice would probably be costly and halting fluoridation would mean council wasted more than $573,600.
Staff said the forecast annual operating cost of fluoridation was $78,778 of which chemical costs were estimated at $32,472.

Fluoridation issue is about human rights

Fluoridation issue is about human rights
Thursday, 25 June 2009, 9:07 am
Press Release: Fluoride Action Network
Fluoridation issue is now about democracy and human rights
From the UK to Australia, State attempts to force water fluoridation on the population is meeting with extreme resistance on the ground it breaches human rights. Even those who believe fluoridation helps teeth are joining in the resistance on human rights grounds.

In Australia, following a directive to forcibly fluoridate Queensland’s public water supplies against the wishes of residents, residents have sent a demand to the Australian Human Rights Consultation Secretariat of the Attorney-General’s Department that it “publicly acknowledge that forced fluoridation of the massed population is a serious breach of [] human rights”.

“Artificial Fluoridation is direct VIOLATION of Human Rights and an epic detriment to health” the Australian petitioners state.

Campaigners from Hampshire, UK, presented a 15,000 signature petition to 10 Downing Street. They were supported by a Member of Parliament, who noted after helping collect signatures “what was interesting was that some people who signed were not necessarily anti fluoridation but strongly objected to the way that the decision makers rode roughshod over the wishes of the local people.”

During consultation, the vast majority of residents, and all but one Council, were opposed to proposed fluoridation. Yet the Strategic Health Authority, equivalent to a District Health Board in NZ, used its new powers to vote unanimously to force fluoridation on the population. “This is exactly the power local DHBs would like” points out Mark Atkin, Fluoride Action Network representative on the Fluoridation-free NZ Coalition.

The NZ Human Rights Commission was asked to address fluoridation in 1980, though outside its jurisdiction. “The Commission concluded that enforced mass medication by way of water fluoridation was acceptable on the same basis that we forcibly medicate mental patients!” exclaims Mr Atkin incredulously.

“The Commission had an office junior prepare a scant 3 page report that essentially summarised the pro-fluoridation mass medication ideology. No independent ethics advice was obtained, and no legal analysis was done of any case law” says Mr Atkin, a trained lawyer, who analysed the Commission’s report and relevant case law as part of his Honours degree research. “The Commission, which can now look at such Bill of Right issues, has recently been asked to look again at the fluoridation issue, but has declined” he advises.

The coalition for a fluoridation-free New Zealand opposes the faulty fluoridation policy on a number of grounds. That it is enforced mass medication breaching civil liberties is just one of them” says Mr Atkin. The majority of the continent of Europe has rejected fluoridation on the same grounds. “It is only the United States (and countries strongly influenced by the US) that remain persistent in what most of Europe calls an unethical practice. It’s high time we in New Zealand joined the enlightened” he says.


UK - Daily Echo Comment

Arrogance of health bosses ignoring the PM
SO now we know that when the Prime Minister says a decision on fluoride should be up to local people, what he really means is only if they agree with health chiefs. Gordon Brown told this paper earlier this year that local opinion counted in the debate over whether the chemical should be added to Southampton's water supply. A 15,000-name petition calling for the project to be scrapped was even handed in to Number 10 only last week. Yet today this paper reveals how the Department of Health has no qualms whatsoever in riding roughshod over the opinion of the people, their MPs - both of whom have called for the plan to be shelved - and even the PM. In a display of arrogance this whole debate has reached new levels.
The whole health establishment has shown itself to be unable to listen to the public -and afraid to put this matter to a real vote.

UK - Southampton Daily Echo - Kicked in the teeth

Anger as Government refuses to review decision to put fluoride in our tap water
Report by Jon Reeve
GOVERNMENT ministers have ignored pleas from thousands of Hampshire residents to look again at controversial plans to fluoridate their tap water.
In what has been branded "a kick in the teeth", ministers have said they will not step in to re-examine the move.
Health minister Ann Keen said the government remained firmly in favour of fluoridation to improve people's dental health.
Her comments come just a month after Hampshire Against Fluoridation campaigners delivered a 15,300 signature petition to the Prime Minister calling for him to take action

• For the full story see pages 2&3,(Daily Echo)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Answers to Julian Lewis's questions in the House

Fluoride: Drinking Water
Dr. Julian Lewis: To ask the Secretary of State for Health (1) what guidance he issues to strategic health authorities on the proportion of representations required in opposition to fluoridation of tap water in a particular community in order for the authority to withdraw its proposals for fluoridation of the water supply to that community; [281140]

(2) for what reasons strategic health authorities consult local communities on whether their tap water should be fluoridated. [281141]

Ann Keen: Under regulation 5 of the Water Fluoridation (Consultation) (England) Regulations 2005, a strategic health authority (SHA) considering the outcome of a consultation on water fluoridation is required to take into account both the extent of support for the proposal and the cogency of the arguments advanced. In so doing, the authority has to be satisfied that the health arguments in favour of proceeding with the proposal outweigh all arguments against proceeding with it before it takes any steps regarding fluoridation arrangements.
22 Jun 2009 : Column 722W
Accordingly, guidance on the application of the regulations, issued by the chief dental officer in February 2008, advised that:

“a SHA cannot base its decision solely on a simple count of the representations for or against the proposal”.

Dr. Julian Lewis: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what discussion he has had with the Prime Minister on his recent statement in Southampton that the people should decide whether the city's water should be fluoridated. [281142]

Ann Keen: The Prime Minister's statement serves to highlight the legislative requirements contained in section 89 of the Water Industry Act 1991 whereby a strategic health authority must "consult and ascertain opinion" before requesting a water undertaker to increase the fluoride content of a water supply.

Dr. Julian Lewis: To ask the Secretary of State for Health what his policy is on Ministerial statements for or against fluoridation during a period of public consultation on whether or not to fluoridate a water supply. [281143]

Ann Keen: The Government support the fluoridation of water because of the potential it offers for reducing inequalities in oral health. To help inform public consultations, Ministers will, if asked, explain the reasons for their support.

Dr. Julian Lewis: To ask the Secretary of State for Health if he will call in for examination the decision of South Central Strategic Health Authority to introduce fluoridation in Southampton and Totton. [281146]

Ann Keen: This would not be appropriate as an application has been made for a judicial review of the decision the South Central strategic health authority to fluoridate Southampton and parts of south west Hampshire.

Fluoridated USA

...................According to the U.S. Surgeon General, millions of our nation’s children have dental problems so severe they have trouble eating, sleeping and learning. In fact, pediatric oral disease has been deemed a “silent epidemic”.

In fact, children in our nation miss more than 51 million hours of school each year due to dental-related illness.

According to The Surgeon General’s report, dental decay is the most common untreated chronic childhood illness’, it is one of the most easily preventable.

Poor children suffer twice as much dental caries as their more affluent peers, and their disease is more likely to go untreated. Just one-quarter of U.S. children and adolescents suffer 80 percent of all cases of decay in permanent teeth.

One out of four children in America is born into poverty, and children living below the poverty line (annual income of $20,000 for a family of four) have more severe and untreated decay. These poor, non-poor differences continue into adolescence.

Oral diseases are progressive and cumulative, becoming more complex over time. They can affect the foods we choose, how we look and the way we communicate. These diseases can affect economic productivity and compromise our ability to concentrate at home, at school, or on the job.

Apart from the last part of this film it is a very good investigation.

UK - Southampton Daily Echo

SHAs breathtaking conceit
IN the fluoride debate (Daily Echo, June 5), an SHA spokesman said the board was confident that the decision to fluoridate the water supply was taken "in the best interests of the local people.
This despite the local people legitimately voting against it. The introduction of a fluoride substitute is all about medicating us whether we want it or not, so whichever way they put it, if it is allegedly for our health, it has to be construed as a form of medication. Medicated water is not wholesome drinking water, and therefore unlawful.
We now read that the SHA has set aside £400,000 of our money (which could be better used within the National Health Service) to fight a legal claim against it for a judicial review at London's Royal Courts of Justice. The overbearing conceit that they are right in this matter is utterly breathtaking.
Prime Minister Brown said it in a nutshell on a recent visit to Southampton - "the decision was up to the local people". We decided. M A Clements, Mill Road, Southampton.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

UK - Big Issue - Fluoride: yes or no?

Fluoride: yes or no?
Fluoride could be added to northern water supplies if studies show that the benefits to dental health outweigh the risks. Health trusts in West Yorkshire are carrying out a feasibility study into the effects of fluoridating water, and NHS Manchester is also conducting "early, exploratory stage" research.
Last year Alan Johnson, then health secretary, urged all parts of the country to consider fluoridation of water, particularly in more deprived areas where dental care is poor. Up to 30,000 children a year are admitted to hospital for tooth decay and extraction in Britain, a figure which has risen sharply in the last decade. According to a 2005-06 survey, more than half of five year olds in Manchester had experienced tooth decay.
Fluoride, a naturally occurring mineral, has been added to water in 10 per cent of the UK's supply. It can improve dental health by 50 per cent but it has met with opposition since the first fluoridation attempts in the 1940s.
Most European countries do not add fluoride, due to objections about mass medication, and the potential problems associated with fluorosis (excess fluoride). Campaigners say the long-term risks of the chemical are unknown, that individuals have differing reactions to fluoride, and it is impossible to control exposure levels to it. They say it can be administered in other ways to those who need it, other than in the water supply.
Dina Baird leads a campaign with Friends of the Earth Manchester to fight against the introduction of fluoride in the city. She lived in Baltimore, US, for six months in a fluoridated area and experienced feelings of apathy and depression. Her two year old son showed autistic tendencies and had white flecks on his teeth – a sign of fluorosis. When she returned to Britain their symptoms disappeared. She is convinced they were related to reactions to fluoride.
"Why should I and my family have to take fluoride when I don't agree with it? It's a freedom of choice issue," she said. "If there are children with tooth decay, that's a diet issue. The answer is not to blanket treat everyone's water."
In the US, over 2,000 medical and science professionals this year signed a statement against the use of fluoride in water. Last month the European Court of Justice ruled that fluoridated water should be regulated as a medicine, which could have implications for authorities opting to add the chemical.
But health officials in the north are keeping their options open. A spokesman for NHS Manchester said NHS North West is researching the benefits of fluoridation. "This work is at a very early, exploratory stage and if any firm proposals are developed they will be subject to public consultation," he said. "This will be decided later this year."

Fluoride threats

USA - Dental visit for poor can be trying experience

Dental visit for poor can be trying experience
'I feel very sorry for her, and for the many, many thousands of people in Gaston County who can't get in for dental care,' he said. 'But the demand is just so overwhelming, we can't cope with it.'...................

Gastonia,and most of Gaston County, NC is fluoridated:NYSCOF

USA - Letter - Hope glimmers toward healthy water

Hope glimmers toward healthy water
There's hope brewing toward someday rescinding the flawed plan to treat drinking water with hazardous waste fluosilicic acid-caustic soda to force fluoride into the blood of consumers.First, Deborah Passow, special assistant to District Attorney Steve Cooley in Los Angeles, responded that attorney Thomas Papageorge, Head Deputy of the Consumer Protection Division, was given the list of eight counts of possible federal drug law violations by Metropolitan Water, which treats human tissues with its mixture without being registered with, nor approved by, the Food and Drug Administration. The fact that this DA didn't ignore the information is fantastic.Second, the California Environmental Protection Agency placed fluoride salts in its highest category possible to review for regulations to minimize cancer-causing activity (http://www.fresnobee.com/547/story/1459684.html). This turn of events occurred for several reasons: vast prospective experimental data on animal carcinogenity of unnatural fluoride, convincing epidemiological cancer data on humans in fluoridated versus non-fluoridated cities, and the fact that nearly 70 percent of U.S. water is injected with these agents. The FDA has been notified of these California activities.The FDA labels toothpaste fluorides as drugs, fluoride drops as prescription drugs, and water fluoridation as uncontrolled use of drugs, where side effects and allowed daily doses can't be labeled.Richard SauerheberSan Marcos

NZ - Anti-fluoride action grows

Anti-fluoride action grows
By GEOFF TAYLOR - Waikato Times
Campaigners signalled the start of a renewed bid to rid Hamilton of water fluoridation yesterday by hanging a banner from the Totara Dr overbridge in Te Rapa.
The banner visible to thousands of Wairere Dr motorists was hung by members of a group called Health Freedom New Zealand.
A Waikato branch spokeswoman, Robyn Hembry, acknowledged it was the start of a co-ordinated campaign.
"Health Freedom New Zealand is the philosophy for us to choose what we eat ourselves. Fluoride is not a choice issue. We are being medicated through our water supply."
Mrs Hembry said the opposition was more organised than three years ago when the city voted in a referendum on the issue.
She cited a 2006 American Dental Association warning that babies' formula should not be made up with fluoridated water.
"In the light of this, is Hamilton City Council prepared to offer water that is not fluoridated?"
Mrs Hembry also raised a European Court ruling a few years ago which she said stated that fluoridated water must be treated as a medicine and cannot be used to prepare foods.
She said it was relevant because British local authorities had started trying to enforce this ruling and were putting money into the cause.
"If this gets ratified more widely then New Zealand exporters would have to look very seriously at it."
The issue arose earlier this month when city councillor Dave Macpherson led an effort to get water fluoridation debated by the council. He failed in his attempt but six of the 13 members of council were supportive of his views.
If in the next few months he can get support from one more councillor he could get rid of water fluoridation.
Anti-fluoridation campaigners are anxious to avoid another referendum, as they feel the national trend has been for poll results to favour fluoridation.
Waikato District Health Board has issued a position statement written by Waikato medical officer of health Felicity Dumble backing the Health Ministry's support of fluoridation. It says the DHB regards fluoridation of drinking water as the most cost-effective population-based strategy to prevent dental decay. A Health Ministry report in 2000 concluded there was "no persuasive evidence of harmful effects of water fluoridation" and that "there are no serious health risks associated with the practice".

UK - Don't tamper with water

Don't tamper with water
SURELY, the Strategic Health Authority will now put plans to add fluoride to our water on hold. The unelected board is facing pressure on all sides, not least because the so-called consultation has proved totally flawed.
It is clear that most people don't want it. All Hampshire MPs seem to be of the same mind, that the scheme should be put on hold.
This whole sorry affair has been a tremendous waste of money, a distraction from the best
methods of tackling tooth decay, and a very poor public relations exercise for the SHA, which clearly failed to remember that it is the taxpayers and elected representatives whose views should be respected. Mass medication against the wishes of the population is something that should never be tolerated. Keep our water clean please, but don't tamper with it.
CLLR DAVID HARRISON, New Forest Liberal Democrats.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Rae Nadler Olenick on Alex Jones Tv 2/2 Toxins in Our Water Supply & Big Money

Australia - Geelong fluoride bomb threat with process to start today

Security Guard at the Wurdee Boluc treatment plant.

Geelong fluoride bomb threat with process to start today
Peter Farago
June 22nd, 2009

ANTI-FLUORIDE extremists have threatened to blow up Geelong's water treatment plants in protest against the introduction of the chemical today.
Sources have told The Geelong Advertiser that a bomb threat was made by phone to Barwon Water. The authority is set to start adding fluoride to Geelong's water supply at the Wurdee Boluc and Moorabool water treatment plants today.
Police have also confirmed a threatening letter was sent to the Department of Human Services.
A State Government spokesman said the threats had been referred to police.
Barwon Water managing director Michael Malouf said while he was not certain the threat was credible, the authority was taking it very seriously.
"Barwon Water is working closely with police and other agencies to find the person responsible," he said.
"Security measures have been ramped up at Barwon Water sites but the threat will not be allowed to impact on the delivery of services to customers."
Mr Malouf said fluoride was scheduled to be progressively added to Geelong's water supply from today.
South Barwon MP Michael Crutchfield, a strong advocate for the Government on fluoride, has also ramped up security at his Belmont office.
"I've spoken to protective services. We've made arrangements in our offices accordingly," he said.
"I'm taking it very seriously. My staff are alert but not alarmed."
Mr Crutchfield described the threat as an "extreme reaction hopefully by one individual".
"He or she had better realise that if they are caught they will be prosecuted. It's a criminal act and extraordinarily irresponsible to say the least," he said.
Asked whether he thought the threat had come from the anti-fluoride lobby in Geelong, Mr Crutchfield said he'd let other people make that judgment.
The State Government yesterday condemned "any threat to interfere with the community's vital water supplies".
"The Brumby Labor Government is getting on with the job of ensuring the people of Geelong have access to fluoride water," a spokesman said.
Barwon Association for Freedom from Fluoridation (BAFF) officials also condemned the threats.
President Keith Oakley said BAFF had maintained a clean fight against fluoride but admitted there were many people angry at the Government.
"I can guarantee that none of our members did this. We're not going to stoop to that level," he said.
"A lot of people are really upset at the way the Government has treated the people. They haven't been given a choice.
BAFF secretary David McRae said people who opposed fluoride were not confined to BAFF's membership but the group supports only lawful protest.
"I feel a great deal of sympathy for whoever would have received that call. I'm concerned any time there is some threat of violence. It's stressful and upsetting," he said.
"BAFF only supports lawful protest because we believe fluoridation will end soon because of the scientific evidence against it."

Public Warnings about Fluoride consided in Calif.

Public Warnings about Fluoride consided in Calif.
22 June 2009, 10:20 am
Press Release: Fluoride Action Network
Public Warnings about Fluoride Cancer Risk considered in California
Fluoride merits the highest priority for further review to issue public warnings for risks of cancer, according to California’s State Qualified Experts. The experts cited strong evidence acknowledging the existence of related animal and human cancer to exposure to fluoride. This placed fluoride as one of the first of 38 chemicals to be newly prioritized for Hazard Identification.
When a powerful state like California deems fluoride to be a serious danger to human health we in New Zealand need to pay attention” says Mary Byrne, Fluoridation-free NZ’s spokesperson from Fluoride Action Network NZ.
In New Zealand the fluoride added to public water supply is called a Category 8 toxin. “We already classify it as a hazardous poison. Somehow it miraculously becomes medicine when added to the water supply. Scientific evidence for this miracle in alchemy has never been explained” says Mary.
There are also 23 published studies linking fluoride to lowered IQ. In NZ 30% of children in fluoridated areas show the physical signs of having been overexposed to fluoride (dental fluorosis).
Fluoride is coming under ever increasing scrutiny because of its obvious dangers yet New Zealand’s public health official continue to ignore the international call for urgent review. In 2006 the American Dental Association and the US Public Health Service’s Centers for Disease Control issued a warning to mothers about the dangers of using fluoridated water when preparing baby formula for infants. Three years later and NZ health authorities, including the NZ Plunket Society, continue to promote fluoridated water for infants.
It’s time our Ministry of Health got with the program and take a lead out the international communities book, instead of burying their head in the sand hoping it will all go away” says Mary.

UK - Southampton Daily Echo - When integrity is down the list

When integrity is down the list
IT is apparent reading of the duplicity of Mr Burnham with regard to the fluoride debate why the populace considers politicians to be 'beyond the pale' and he seems to be totally unmoved by any thoughts of probity.
Not only do some Members of Parliament take taxpayers' money, on the premise they
are entitled to take it but, they also fail to disclose where they have pecuniary interests in decisions they take!
Integrity appears to be far down the list of items which one would assume is required for selection as a Member of Parliament.

UK - Southampton Daily Echo - Good things can come out of bad experiences

Good things can come out of bad experiences
AS expected, there was a depressingly low turnout for the recent local and Euro elections. It would seem that a lot of people have rather lost faith in democracy and politicians.
Things were not looking too good even before the MPs' expenses scandal unfolded. I have noticed that many younger people seem a jot less inclined to take an interest in politics. Older people are more likely to vote, but many of them are turned off when they see important planning decisions removed from locally elected councillors.
On a really important health matter, the decision on whether to add fluoride to tap water has not been taken by councillors, or even MPs. It was taken by 12 unelected Government appointed officials, only one of which lives in this area.
As you might expect, people are reacting in different ways. Some are getting apathetic and not even bothering to vote. Others are angry and expressing this by voting for fringe parties. I personally think the best way is to get active and try and change the system.
I was really pleased to join about 30 members of the campaign group Hampshire Against Fluoride recently. We all went up to London, handed in over 15,000 signatures to Downing Street, a protest letter to the Department of Health and were able to meet with and lobby MPs in Westminster.
Although not all MPs agreed with our position on fluoride, they could all understand that there is no popular mandate to impose these changes to our drinking water. I'm very pleased that they have all agreed to try and put a halt to it. It will be very difficult now for the Strategic Health Authority to ignore the will of all local MPs.
The key thing here is that we have to restore democracy where it has been lost. If the power to change things rests with the people you can vote for, there is more point in putting a cross on a ballot paper.
It's interesting that a pressured Prime Minister is at long last talking about the sort of reforms we Liberal Democrats have been pushing for a long time. Good things can come out of bad experiences. Democracy is not yet dead.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rae Nadler Olenick on Alex Jones Tv 1/2 Toxins in Our Water Supply & Big Money

The Alex Jones Show - L I V E - June 19th With Dr. Neil Carman

The Alex Jones Show - L I V E - June 19th With Dr. Neil Carman
Alex talks with Dr. Neil Carman, a chemist with the Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club, who argues against water fluoridation

Download MP3 on web page

Saturday, June 20, 2009

UK - Questions in Parliament for Monday

102 Notices of Questions: 15 June2009 4351
5 Dr Julian Lewis (New Forest East): To ask the Secretary of State for Health, what guidance he issues to strategic health authorities on the proportion of representations required in opposition to fluoridation of tap water in a particular community in order for the authority to withdraw its proposals for fluoridation of the water supply to that community. (281140)
6 Dr Julian Lewi$ (New Forest East): To ask the Secretary of State for Health, for
what reasons strategic health authorities seek the views of local communities on
whether their tap water should be fluoridated. (281141)
7 Dr Julian Lewis (New Forest East): To ask the Secretary of State for Health, what
assessment he made of the statement made by the Prime Minister in Southampton
that the people should decide whether the city's water should be fluoridated.
8 Dr Julian Lewis (New Forest East): To ask the Secretary of State for Health, what
his policy is on Ministerial statements in favour of fluoridation during a period of
public consultation on whether or not to fluoridate a water supply.
9 Dr Julian Lewis (New Forest East): To ask the Secretary of State for Health, if he
will call in for examination the decision of South Central Strategic Health Authority to introduce fluoridation in Southampton and Totton.

The dirty dozen threats to male fertility

The dirty dozen threats to male fertility
June 19
Teflon, pesticides, and plastics have all been linked to messing with male fertility. Now, not only are men in danger of extinction, but their ability to reproduce is seriously being compromised. In my artcle Men will become extinct: Appreciate them now, I reported about the fact that males genes will die out in the future. Before their genes die out their ability to reproduce may vanish.
A leading scientist has warned that chemicals found in many foods, cosmetics, and cleaning products are a real threat to male fertility. Professor Richard Sharpe, of the Medical Research Council, says that these hormone-disrupting chemicals are "feminizing" boys in the womb, leading to rising rates of birth defects, testicular cancer, and low sperm counts. ?

.......................Fluoride -- This chemical in the U.S. water supply has been linked to lower fertility rates, hormone disruption and low sperm counts.............

Australia - Council pushes ahead with fluoridation

NOT SO FAST: Ilga Sleja (right), of the Ballina Fluoridation-Free Network, with supporters Amanda Bryce and Christopher Bryce. The network is accusing Ballina Shire Council of failing to adequately consult with the community on fluoridation.

Council pushes ahead with fluoridation
Rebecca Lollback 20th June 2009
PLANS to fluoridate the Ballina Shire's water supply are on track, according to the council.
Civil services group manager, John Truman, said the council had 'made an arrangement with Rous Water to project manage the implementation of fluoride'.
“The main task currently being progressed is the concept design for the dosing plants,” he said. “The concept design is used as part of the approval process and also to assist in property acquisition.”
However, some residents are still angry about the council's decision to add fluoride to the water, saying the community was not consulted.
Ballina Fluoridation-Free Network campaigner, Ilga Sleja, said the council had 'put the cart before the horse'.
“Not only did they make their decision within two weeks, they then ignored a reasonable rescission motion,” she said.
“This is all happening far too quickly. The decision has been made on personal and subjective opinions.
“One of our biggest concerns is that minority groups are not being protected.
“Babies, in particular, are not meant to have any fluoride in their system until they are at least six years old.
“But if there is fluoride in our drinking water, it will be used to make up baby formula. We won't be able to avoid it.
“Globally and nationally there has been a paradigm shift away from fluoridation. A lot has changed in the past 60 years.
“But the Ballina Shire Council is just pushing ahead with it.
“They have failed to do adequate consultation. It has not been done.”
Mr Truman said tender documents for fluoridation of the water supply would be prepared once the design report was completed.
“The council expects that Rous Water will likely be in a position to call tenders for construction in about three months and the plants are expected to be completed around mid- 2010,” he said.A short history
• Ballina's decision to add fluoride to its water follows similar moves by Lismore City and Richmond Valley councils in 2006.
• Those decisions followed extensive community debate across the region.
• Ballina and Byron shire councils both voted against fluoridation after that debate.

UK - Woman launches legal bid over SHA's handling of issue

Court challenge to stop fluoride plans
By Jon Reeve
A LEGAL challenge to the controversial decision to fluoridate Hampshire tap water has been lodged with the courts, the Daily Echo can reveal.
Lawyers acting for a Southampton woman have launched a claim for a judicial review into the way health chiefs backed the scheme.
If the decision is ruled unlawful, it could mean plans to add fluoride to the water supplies of almost 200,000 homes in parts of Southampton, Eastleigh, Totton, Netley and 1 Rownhams have to be scrapped.
The body that gave fluorida-tion the green light, South Central Strategic Health Authority (SHA), has set aside £400,000 to fight the challenge, saying it has done nothing wrong.The challenge is based on claims the SHA should not have approved fluoridation because public opinion was against it, and that evidence from opponents was not properly considered.
"The legal challenge itself is not about the pros and cons of the fluoridation, it's about the fact that they have messed up how they have gone about the process," said Sean Humber, of Leigh Day and Co, the solicitors handling the bid.
"The judge has to decide if we have raised issues that need to be looked at further. If he does grant permission for a judicial review, that's the first hurdle done.
"That decision should be made in the next few weeks."
The Daily Echo's coverage of the fluoride debate forms part of the challenge, which has been lodged at London's Royal Courts of Justice by Southampton resident
Geraldine Milner and is being funded by legal aid.
Comments made to this newspaper by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, in which he said the decision was "up to the local people are being used to show the importance the Government placed on popular support for any scheme. More than 10,000 responses were submitted to the SHA during its consultation. Of those from people in the affected area, 72 per cent were against.
In a separate phone poll of 2,000 residents, 38 per cent opposed fluoridation, compared to 32 per cent supporting it.
The SHA last night said it believes it fulfilled ' and exceeded its legal requirements during the consultation.
"South Central SHA will defend the challenge and we are confident that the decision that has been made was carried out in accordance with the relevant legislation and in the best interests of the health of local people," said a spokeswoman.

UK - Southampton Daily Echo

A LEGAL challenge has been launched to stop the controversial fluoridation of Hampshire tap water, the Daily Echo can reveal.
Lawyers acting for a Hampshire woman have launched a claim for a judicial review at London's Royal Courts of Justice into the way health chiefs backed the scheme.
They say that fluoridation should not have been approved because of the weight of public opinion against the plan.
But health bosses insist they have done nothing wrong and have set aside £400,000 to fight the case.If the legal challenge is successful it could mean plans to add fluoride to the water supplies of almost 200,000 homes are scrapped.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Australia - The Warrumbungle Council has approved a controversial plan to fluoridate the shire's water supplies.

The Warrumbungle Council has approved a controversial plan to fluoridate the shire's water supplies.
It is the second time the shire has considered fluoridation, after it was rejected by the previous council.
Mayor Peter Shinton yesterday used his casting vote to break a four-all deadlock because one councillor was absent from the meeting.
He says he was swayed by the results of a phone survey that found 64 per cent of residents were in favour of the proposal, 18 per cent against and 18 per cent unsure.
"The fact that our local doctors and dentists have all agreed that it is a necessary thing and the interesting one was that Binnaway - a township we initially studied - had 88 per cent of the people there in favour of fluoridating the water," he said.
"I think one of the salient points was that 75 per cent of households with a child under six agreed with the addition of fluoride to the water."
Fluoride will now be added to the supplies of Coonabarabran, Baradine, Binnaway and Mendooran once its new water treatment plant is installed.
The council will further investigate whether Dunedoo and Coolah's systems can be connected.

I wonder who supplied the information that they voted for and how the survey wording was couched.

Australia - Water rates to rise as fluoridation begins

Water rates to rise as fluoridation begins
June 19th, 2009 GEELONG'S freshly fluoridated water will cost consumers 14 per cent more from next month.
The Essential Services Commission has approved water - which will be fluoridated from next week - and sewage price rises for Barwon Water customers of 13.8 per cent, including CPI of 2.47 per cent, from July 1.
A common household using 165 kilolitres of water a year will now pay about an extra $100 a year, or $1.58 a week.
Barwon Water chairman Roger Lowrey said the new charges would fund more than $766 million in new projects designed to ensure water supply security until 2055.
"This significant financial commitment today is an investment in tomorrow," Mr Lowrey said.

He said the revenue stream would fast-track the Anglesea borefield, the Melbourne-Geelong interconnection and new recycled water plants in Geelong's northern suburbs and at Black Rock.
"These projects combined will provide an additional 75 per cent of current demand within five years. At the same time, Barwon Water will continue to develop projects that will guarantee water for the future," he said.
Mr Lowrey also said the higher prices would encourage water conservation.
"It sends a clear message to customers that the less they use, the less they pay," he said.
Meanwhile, Department of Human Services spokesman Bram Alexander yesterday said commissioning work was on schedule for the fluoride dosing facilities at the Wurdee Boluc and Moorabool water treatment plants.
"It will be after June 22 or sometime in the following week, and it should take a week for the dosing to reach the optimal level of 0.9 parts per million," Mr Alexander said.
Fluoride dosing plants use flow meters to ensure the correct safe levels of the compound are maintained in the water supply.
Mr Alexander said the move was a part of the Victorian Government policy of expanding fluoride to cover the entire state.
"Water fluoridation is being extended to major rural and regional centres across Victoria to close a critical gap in the dental health of children living in regional and rural Victoria," he said.
The Barwon Association for Freedom from Fluoridation has kept up a stiff opposition to the introduction of the scheme, saying fluoride was "poisoning" the community.
A rally of more than 200 people marched the streets of Geelong on Saturday and the group has vowed to continue the fight in the Supreme Court, use picket lines or vote MPs out of office.
Mr Alexander scoffed at the group's claims, saying the weight of scientific evidence showed that "optimal levels" of fluoride in water fluoridation programs did not cause allergic reactions or allergy-like symptoms.
"Fluoride is an inevitable component of all diets due to its presence in common foods," he said.
Areas affected by the decision include Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula and other towns including Lara, Little River (south of the river), Breamlea, Connewarre, Mount Duneed, Torquay, Jan Juc, Anglesea, Moriac, Winchelsea, Inverleigh, Bannockburn, Batesford, Teesdale, Shelford, Lethbridge, Gheringhap, Anakie and Meredith.

UK - Burnham stands down from flouride role

Burnham stands down from flouride role
Jane Kirby
June 18, 2009
NEW Health Secretary Andy Burnham has stepped down from his role as vice president of the Wigan-based British Fluoridation Society.The move was taken to avoid any perceived conflict of interest, health officials said.Some parts of England have agreed to add fluoride to the water to prevent tooth decay in children and the north west is preparing for a consultation.Mr Burnham is MP for Leigh. A spokeswoman for the Department of Health said: "Andy Burnham has held an honorary position with the British Fluoridation Society as vice president since 2004."Following his appointment as Secretary of State for Health he will be relinquishing this position as he appreciates that there could be a perceived conflict of interest.Effective"We believe that fluoridation is a scientifically supported and effective means of addressing health inequalities by reducing tooth decay in children and adults, especially those from poorer backgrounds."There is no question of central government imposing fluoridation. Decisions should be taken locally following consultations conducted in accordance with procedures approved by Parliament in 2005."The consultations should cover the benefits of fluoridation, any possible risks to health and the ethical arguments for and against a population based approach to improving health."Southampton decided to bring in fluoridation earlier this year but that decision is subject to a legal review. In the north east and West Midlands, fluoride has been added to water since the 1980s.

UK - Yorkshire - Let's make stand against fluoride

Let's make stand against fluoride
18 June 2009
Thank God we have a few people with brains, like Miss P Johnson, who dares to speak out when our health is in danger from the threat of mass fluoride in our drinking water, whilst the majority of us just shrug our shoulders and gab away on our mobiles.This is how the Communists took over our unions, because members could not be bothered to go to the meeting and vote.
We (or should I say Miss P Johnson) are talking about us having dangerous chemicals dumped in our water, which can change the sex of fish, just because our children can't be bothered to clean their teeth.
I think that profit from the companies that supply the fluoride is the main reason we are being pushed into believing we need it – but how many of our children drink water?
Very few I would say. Why do many countries ban it from their water if it is safe!?
We already have too many chemicals in our water and need less if possible.
So come on you proud Yorkshire people, stand up and say no – we don't want more poison in our water.A Hague, Bellbrooke Grove, Leeds

FAN Bulletin 1078: Still waiting for Chester "Godot" Douglass

It has now been over three years since Professor Chester Douglass of the Harvard Dental School trashed Bassin's (his own student!) study associating fluoride exposure and osteosarcoma, with the promise that his paper (to be co-authored by Robert Hoover and Gary Whitford) - to be published in the Summer of 2006 - would refute her findings. We've been waiting and waiting, but still no paper has appeared. Meanwhile, proponents of fluoridation like, 1) Dr. Peter Cooney , the chief dental officer of Canada, 2) the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC, 2007) and 3) the South Central Strategic Health Authority in the UK, continue to cite his letter as if it were a fully fledged article scientifically rebutting Bassin's findings. So much for authorities who insist upon "peer-reviewed and published" science!
Click title to see FAN site

UK - Southampton Daily Echo

Late support from MPs is still welcome
IT is very encouraging to see Southampton's two Labour MPs Alan Whitehead and John Denham deciding to intervene in the campaign to stop fluoride being added to drinking water.
I have two questions for them. Firstly, why has it taken you so long to react? And secondly what exactly are you intending to do?
It has been clear since the South Central Strategic Health Authority's February to add fluoride to drinking water that its members had ignored the outcome of the public consultation, which clearly showed most people opposed the plan.
Why didn't Mr Denham and Mr Whitehead speak up then and offer to help with the campaign at that point?
I suggest they have realised at last that many people in the city are angry with the way the health authority acted, and they know that if they don't wake up and say something they will lose votes.
We now need the health authority to listen and accept that the people of Southampton do not want fluoride in their drinking water.
DAVID CALLAGHAN, Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Southampton Test

Thursday, June 18, 2009

UK - Burnham OKs Nazi-Style Water Fluoridation

Burnham OKs Nazi-Style Water Fluoridation
By Rusty
Andy Burnham, the UK’s all-new replacement Health Secretary, just appointed by Gordon ‘Incapability’ Brown, has called for universal water fluoridation despite global protests over 'mass medication' and concern of links to cancer, bone disease and stifling the human intellect.

Burnham was accused of a 'conflict of interest' as he has been a supporter and vice-president of the British Fluoridation Society for a number of years, and is well aware that the Nazis added fluoride to the drinking water in their conquered ghettos and concentration camps to reduce populations and inmates to the required states of docile – and sterile – compliant non-resistance.

In a primary instance of opening his big gob and putting a proverbial foot in it as Health Secretary Mr Burnham said: "Let's press ahead with fluoridation of water supplies, given the convincing propaganda that it can improve children's dental health."

Water in Southampton and parts of Hampshire will be fluoridated from next year despite 70% of the still mentally-aware respondents to the consultation arguing against the move.

Water fluoridation schemes already exist in the North East and West Midlands affecting 5.5 million people - who since its addition couldn’t give a flying fuck about what’s in their drinking water anymore – as long as some crap’s on the television 24 hours a day.

According to the propaganda pushing fluoridation, circulated by the British Fluoridation Society, in areas with added fluoride the number of children without tooth decay increased by 10000% and individual children had on average 50 fewer decayed teeth than in non-fluoridated areas.

However a spokesman for the National Pure Water Association said there have been no high quality studies that demonstrate safety of efficacy of fluoridation and that adding chemicals to the water in this way amounted to mass medication of the population without their consent.

NPWA spokesman Haitch Two-oh told reporters : "It is complete and utter madness. You cannot medicate a whole population. This is political and Andy Burnham has a conflict of interest because he was vice-president of the British Fluoridation Society which is based in his constituency."

The British Fluoridation Society is truly based at Ashton, Leigh and Wigan Primary Care Trust and Mr Burnham is, coincidently enough, the Labour MP for Leigh.

The British Fluoridation Society confirmed Mr Burnham has been a vice-president 'until recently' and added that they welcomed ministerial support in their reckless pursuit of profit at any costs – including causing long term toxic damage to public health.

Last year the Department of Health announced £14 million a year for three years for Strategic Health Authorities who, following consultations, find that the majority of local councils are in favour of doping up their constituents to docile cattle status.

Fellatia van det Scrunt, a spokewoman for the Department of Health, told a reporter from the Eugenics Gazette “We believe that fluoridation is a scientifically supported and effective means of supressing political awareness and radical thought by groups who might oppose government policies for EU membership, invading Afghanistan and Iraq, and questioning MP’s expenses.”

Fluoride: the choice poison of tyrants for stifling the human intellect and awareness - and causing impotence and sterility.

First of all, it needs to be stated that the 'substance' referred to as 'Fluoride' is a misnomer - there is no such substance listed in the periodic chart of the elements, nor in the prestigious CRC handbook, nor in the sacred 'Bible' of the pharmaceutical industry - the illustrious 'Merck Index'.

Instead, we find a gas called Fluorine - and from the use of this gas in various processing arenas such as aluminium manufacturing and the nuclear industry certain toxic by-products are created which have 'captured' fluorine molecules.

One such toxic poisonous 'by-product' is called sodium fluoride - which according to the Merck Index is primarily used as rat, cockroach and tomcat poison and is also the active ingredient in most toothpastes and as an "additive to drinking water.

Sodium fluoride – lovely stuff - one of the basic ingredients in both Prozac (fluoxetene hydrochloride) and Sarin Nerve Gas (isopropyl-methyl-phosphoryl fluoride).

The truth the global public needs to understand is the fact that sodium fluoride is nothing more (or less) than a hazardous waste by-product of the nuclear and aluminium industries (aluminium in the brain causes good old Alzheimer’s).

In addition to being the primary ingredient in rat and cockroach poisons, it is also a main ingredient in anaesthetic, hypnotic, and psychiatric drugs as well as military nerve gases. Thus why then is it allowed to be added to toothpastes and drinking water?

Simple – it possesses docility-inducing properties for turning human awareness into a brain-dead state.
Historically, this substance was quite expensive for the worlds' premier chemical companies to dispose of - but in the 50's and 60's - Alcoa and the entire aluminium industry - with a vast overabundance of the toxic waste – corrupted the FDA and the US government on the insane (but highly profitable) idea of buying this poison at a 20,000% mark up and then injecting it into the public water supplies as well as into the nation's toothpastes and dental rinse.

Yes that's right folks, a 20,000% mark up based on the false science that fluoride prevents dental decay.

Hence, if your kids are having trouble concentrating at home or in school, or have been diagnosed as 'attention deficit' – or Granny can’t remember who the fuck Grandad is - perhaps you would be well advised to look for the culprit - and the solution to the problem - no further than your home bathroom cabinet - your tube of toothpaste and mouthwash- and also your friendly neighbourhood school's water fountain.

Rusty appears courtesy of The Satire Stall.

It is satire but.............

UK - Southampton Daily Echo

Political expediency?
JOHN Denham says the Strategic Health Authority should put its plan to fluoridate our water 'on hold'. He concedes that he still agrees with mass medication of our water against our wishes but in this instance he wants to listen to public opinion.
On the face of it this looks like a classic case of political opportunism. If he was so concerned about public opinion wouldn't he be lobbying his friend Gordon Brown for an early general election?
We know that only 15 per cent of people voted Labour in the last election so what's the difference?
He obviously only wants to listen to his constituents when it's politically expedient to do so.
ROYSTON SMITH, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate, Southampton Itchen.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obesity, tooth decay and teen births plague Aussie kids

ALMOST one-quarter of Australian children are overweight or obese, while tooth decay in six-year-olds is on the rise.
The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare's 2009 snapshot of the nation's children, released on Wednesday, gives us a tick for declining asthma hospitalisation and better leukemia survival rates.
But we lag behind other Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) nations on infant mortality and teenage births.
Australian children still don't eat enough fruit or vegetables, despite public health campaigns.
In 2007, 17 per cent of Australian children were estimated to be overweight and 6 per cent obese, according to the institute's report.
Obesity increases a child's risk of developing asthma and Type 2 diabetes.
If children continue to be overweight into adulthood, they are at a heightened risk of heart attack and some cancers.
The national guidelines recommend children aged between five and 18 years old should have at least one hour of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. They also recommend children be restricted to no more than two hours of non-educational screen time daily.
While 74 per cent meet the physical activity guidelines, only one-third of children meet the screen-time guidelines.
"Far too many children spend more than the recommended time in front of a video screen," the institute says in the report.
Only 60 per cent of children aged four to eight and around half of nine to 13-year-olds eat enough fruit.
Just 2 per cent of nine to 13-year-olds eat the recommended daily serve of vegetables.
Tooth decay in children aged six and 12 declined in the early to mid-1990s but has climbed again in six-year-olds.
"In recent years, there has been a slight increase in tooth decay among children, which may be related to changes in dietary patterns, including less drinking of fluoridated mains water and increased sugar consumption, and changes in school dental programs," the institute says.
Six-year-old children living in the poorest areas have twice the rate of tooth decay as those living in the wealthiest areas.
The rate of indigenous children who are decay-free at the age of six is much lower than non-indigenous children, at 21 per cent compared with 54 per cent respectively.

Australia is about 75% fluoridated: "ALMOST one-quarter of Australian children are overweight or obese, while tooth decay in six-year-olds is on the rise" NYSCOF

What Are Kidney Stones? What Causes Kidney Stones?

...............Medical conditions such as Crohn's disease, urinary tract infections, renal tubular acidosis, hyperparathyroidism, medullary sponge kidney, and Dent's disease have been known to lead to kidney stones. It also has been suggested that water fluoridation - the addition of fluoride to drinking water - is responsible for some cases of kidney stones.................

First time I've heard of that.

UK - Southampton Daily Echo

This decision is an act of dictatorship
THE SHA decision to poison all our water with the chemical fluoride is dictatorial. Cracking a nut with a sledge hammer comes to mind.
If they're concerned about the health of children's teeth, then tackle the problem at source.. Stop sweets manufacturers putting so much sugar in fizzy drinks, cakes, chocolate, biscuits. Make sure all toothpaste contains fluoride. The amount of water children drink is negligible. In excess of 90 per cent of water used in the average household is flushed/poured down the drain (is that cost effective).
Bring back free milk at schools for children, educate parents and children in the benefits of brushing teeth, eating less sweet foods. In my opinion the only reason fluoridation is supported by the dental industry is that dentists get paid a lot less for treating children. The water authorities have an obligation to supply safe drinking water for all not just a minority, fluoridation does not benefit all.
What about our human rights?
P VERRALL, Southampton.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


FAN Bulletin 1077: Dramatic events in the UK and California
June 16, 2009
DVD: bulk orders
Before we get to the two major news items a quick note on ordering bulk orders of the DVD "Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation." Ellen will be out of town for 2 weeks starting this Friday, so if you want to have these bargain price DVDs to use before the second week in July, please get your orders in by email no later than this Thursday (June 18) mid-day EST.

UK: New Minister of Health is the former Vice President of the British Fluoridation Society!

As if people in the UK were not having a bad enough time fighting off bogus "public consultations" from unelected Strategic Health Authorities, the news gets worse (see past bulletins on Southampton). Andy Burnham, who was the vice president of the British Fluoridation Society, has been appointed as the new Secretary of State for Health. Immediately, he gave a presentation calling for the whole of Britain to be fluoridated. See

June 13, Speed up water fluoridation for children's sake, minister urges

June 15, Anger over Andy Burnham's fluoride link

We received this short email from Liz Vaughan and Doug Cross this morning. They give more details on Burnham and developments in Southampton:

We have reached a crucial point in the fluoridation issue in Southampton where a legal case regarding the consultation process has been announced and legal aid has been obtained by the person bringing the case against South Central SHA. 72% of the people in Southampton in a poll conducted by the SHA voted against fluoridation yet the SHA voted to impose fluoridation...

The Secretary of State for Health Andy Burnham was vice president of the British Fluoridation Society and was instrumental in proposing the inclusion of compulsory fluoridation in the 2003 Water Act. We checked on Friday with the British Fluoridation Society that he was still a vice president, by Friday evening he had resigned this position (vp of BFS) which he appears not to have included in his register of interests...

For more details contact Liz and Doug at emvstudio@tiscali.co.uk or visit their website http://www.ukcaf.org/index.html

Also see Hampshire Against Fluoridation

Californian Victory: Fluoride makes it into the TOP 9 of chemicals to be reviewed under Proposition 65.

So pat yourself on the back if you sent in comments to the OEHHA (Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment). This was a mighty victory and could well spell the end of fluoridation if the Carcinogen Identification Committee eventually rules that fluoride is a probable carcinogen. See excellent submissions from:

Kathleen Thiessen at http://fluoridealert.org/thiessen-2009-1.pdf

The Environmental Working Group at http://fluoridealert.org/ewg-may2009-1.pdf

FAN: Chris Neurath and Paul Connett: Current epidemiological research on a link between fluoride and osteosarcoma (paper presented at the 2008 Fluoride conference in Toronto) at http://fluoridealert.org/neurath-2008b.pdf

FAN: Chris Neurath, Evidence supporting prioritizing fluoride for carcinogenicity hazard identification at http://fluoridealert.org/neurath-2009.may5.pdf

FAN: Paul Connett, Fluoride and osteosarcoma at http://fluoridealert.org/ca.prop65.connett.html

Meanwhile, there are efforts to do away with the OEHHA due to severe state budget deficits!

The Professionals' Statement

Meanwhile, the number of professionals signing the statement calling for an end to fluoridation worldwide has risen to 2530. The pace is definitely picking up, but we need many, many more. Please use the DVD to help us get more professional signers. It is easy to sign up: just go to http://www.FluorideAlert.org/professionals.statement.html

One nurse recently circulated an appeal to all her professional colleagues and within a few days had added 12 names! Do you have any email lists like that? If you haven't done so recently, please read through some of the names of the people who have signed. It will give you an idea of the wide range of professionals who have joined this important effort, and might give you some ideas about who else you could approach to sign.

Thanks for all you are doing to end this foolish practice.

Paul Connett

UK - Dental health, fluoride and plaque

From The TimesJune 16, 2009
Dental health, fluoride and plaque
The Department of Health shouldn't be digging its heels in over fluoridation
Sir, It is not within the gift of the Secretary of State for Health to speed up fluoridation (report, June 13). This is up to local residents for whom a new fluoridation scheme is proposed.

It seems strange that while medical evidence is increasing against the practice, the Department of Health is digging its heels in.

Fluorosilicates (either ingested or dermally absorbed) slow the growth of primary teeth so that neglected 5-year-olds at the time of their first dental examination have younger teeth that have had less time to become decayed when compared with the neglected non-fluoridated five-year-old youngster.

At the time of the next dental examination at age 11 or 12, the incidence of decay in both sub-sets is roughly similar, and, in addition, the fluoridated teenager will show signs of dental fluorosis — a permanent disfiguring manifestation of systemic fluoride toxicity.

The British public has to ask itself if fluoridation, which is meant to promote social equality, actually does so. Since reduction in growth of teeth delays speech, chewing and swallowing, the fluoridated youngster experiences a delay in social development.

Moreover, studies from China have demonstrated a lowering of intelligence in naturally fluoridated children. In a fluoridated population, 12 per cent of the children have dental fluorosis of aesthetic concern in their secondary teeth but have to wait until their late teens to undergo private dental treatment to disguise the damage. Treatment is in the form of veneers costing £400+ per tooth and this treatment has to be repeated a few times until the tooth is so abraded that crowns have to be fitted. (This dental treatment is not paid for by the National Health Service even though it was the NHS that was responsible for the disfigurement).

The experience of Irish children should be pointed out to the Department of Health. In Ireland in 2008, the level of artificial fluoride in the water supply was reduced to 0.7 ppm (down from 1 ppm) because dental fluorosis had become a chemically imposed epidemic.

Joy Warren

West Midlands Against Fluoridation

Sir, The other widespread oral health problem, for children as well as adults, is common gum disease, also because of dental plaque.

While some fluoride preparations can help to reduce dental plaque, plaque control (not elimination —we need our natural coating biofilms) needs adequate oral hygiene.

The solution is to put prevention into the hands of those dental professionals whose raison d’être is prevention: the dental hygienists.

Hubert N. Newman

Emeritus Professor of Periodontology and Preventive Dentristy

University College London