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UK Against Fluoridation

Monday, March 24, 2008

USA - Letter: Remove fluoride

Remove fluoride
If we want to remove drugs from our municipal drinking water, let us start with the obvious and one that should be a no-brainer: Fluoride. Fluoride's primary benefits are topical, not systemic, so there is no need to swallow it. In fact, we are told if we swallow toothpaste, a poison center should be contacted immediately. So why is it safe to drink fluoridated water but not safe to swallow toothpaste? It is the same ingredient. A growing body of evidence indicates that water fluoridation is ineffective and unnecessary. The fluoride added to municipal water is an unprocessed toxic industrial waste product of the phosphate fertilizer industry. Before it was put in our water supplies, it was used as rat poison. The American Dental Association has recommended that parents use fluoride-free bottled water to mix baby formula. If fluoridated water is not safe for babies, why is it safe for my 2-year-old?
Fluoridation's role in the decline of tooth decay is in serious doubt, and multiple studies have shown ingested fluoride poses risks to the brain, thyroid gland, bones and bone cancer, kidney patients. The list goes on. Not one study has been conducted proving fluoride consumption is safe. Yet it is forced upon many of us, and how much we ingest cannot be monitored or controlled.
Fluoride has been shown to be mutagenic, cause chromosome damage and interfere with the enzymes involved with DNA repair in a variety of cell and tissue studies. Why is it still added to our water?
This is one drug we can get out of our water quite easily, and municipalities (taxpayers) will save money at the same time. For more information, go to flouridealert.org
Mary Pedersen


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